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  1. I would say it's Campbell... Then these guys Harrison GRC Paris Bourbon Then everyone else
  2. I was told that they used to play during the school day with student body sitting on the hillside out behind the outfield fence. That would be something fun for HC to bring back for big games.
  3. In no order, my top 10... Harrison County Montgomery County Tates Creek Henry Clay Whitley County Pulaski County Corbin McCreary Central Walton Verona Sayre
  4. I'm biased, but I enjoy being up on the hill, sitting on a tailgate and listening to WCYN do the play by play.
  5. Coach Sims knows his baseball and gets a lot out of the talent he has in Carlisle.
  6. #11 eastern is 1-4. Run ruled by 2 unranked teams. Baseball rankings used to be close to accurate, these are a joke.
  7. This household is leonos or smashing tomato...sorry papa
  8. Campbell Harrison Paris Scott Campbell Paris Campbell 75-61
  9. If it is an emergency situation and I need to get to a hospital, you best not be protesting that day.
  10. I'm not sure, I wasn't able to make it and they didn't say on the radio. Definitely the right time for HC to get things together though.

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