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  1. I think Bracken County will win the one by 65+. And people then will bring up how beating a team that bad shows 0 class. How ever Mason County girls have done that plenty of time this season.
  2. Augusta might not even have a team this year. It's hard to play baseball without a home plate.
  3. Today Warren Harding Cooper of Brooksville is being inducted into the North-Eastern Kentucky Basketball Officials Association Hall of Fame. Warren Cooper was born in Brooksville and played on their 1939 state championship basketball team. He also coached his Dilce Combs team to the state tournament in 1954. What this Hall of Fame is really for is for his 36 years as a basketball official, reffing many high school and college basketball official. Also officiating 4 state tournaments making him the only person to play, coach, and officiate in the Sweet 16. List of honors and awards: -MSU's Athletic Hall of Fame in 1985 -Dawahare's KHSAA Hall of Fame in 1990 -RCSHS's Alumni Hall of Fame in 2010 -10th Region Hall of Fame as a contibuter -Named to the KABC Coaches Court of Honor in 2007 -Sweet Sixteen Official Hall of Fame in 1985 -Selected as the Outstanding Official by the NEKBOA in 1973. -Rowan County School Board named the high school gym the "Warren H. Cooper Gymnasium" on February 8, 2002
  4. Bracken County in the 10th, like 1955! Probably won't make a run but it's nice to see a Cinderella every once in a while. Also Paris because they are a Class A school too.
  5. In recent memory I believe he is. Being put into the 10th Region Hall of Fame soon.
  6. Mike Baxter has been on a lot of Mason County forums.. I don't think that is the case. Moreover Buddy has been doing this a long time and I don't think he gets on this site or lets it affect him.
  7. He is showing interest from D1 college. Congratulate, not speculate.
  8. Everyone looked good that game :lol2: He's gotten a lot better since that game too. I thought he really improved on shooting this year
  9. I think that everyone has forgotten he had surgery on his knee over the summer and has gotten back to normal these past two weeks. I don't know if it was mental or physical but he's starting to trust his knee again.
  10. I've been to all 28 games and I can tell you that you are wrong. And there's no reason to bash a high school kid because he doesn't meet up to your standards.
  11. Are GRC, Bourbon, Harrison still at the top?
  12. Only one senior this year so there's a lot of room for improvement. Had around 20+ kids at practices without basketball kids. Hopefully Sara can help build this program back up to one of the premier programs in the 10th! And yes MeanGene I'm looking forward to that match-up as well
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