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  1. I noticed some kids on their stats that were not on the roster? Did they have some kids quit or leave the team? If so.... WHY?
  2. South Oldham will dominate this district until they do realignment. Not a very strong district unless B-East can improve.
  3. North was picked to finish second in the district and could still do that with a win the next two weeks. 18 seniors last year-- 13 this year- they definitely have the experience to compete late in the season.
  4. I think this will be a real tall task. North is definitely playing better, their skill players are as good as many of the past teams. Their issues have been on the lines. It would be a big upset on the road.
  5. Should be impressive stats with doing fake punts and having Robinson still playing when the already had a running clock.
  6. Congrats to Coach Poynter-- that guy can get the best out of his teams!
  7. Tell Scott County that-- Meade Co- Bellevue Wash, Glenbard in Illinois-- I could go on and on...
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