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  1. Look up FCHS Flyers QB Club on Facebook, it is streaming on Facebook on Frankfort Plant board.
  2. Gotta discount the score on the Frederick Douglas vs Ballard game a little. That was scheduled just a day or two before the game as a replacement. Neither team had much time to prepare or game plan. FD has a lot of division 1 players and seemed to be Jimmy’s and Joe’s had more of an impact than X’s and O’s with no prep time or film study. that was also the curfew week with tons of distraction in Louisville, JCPS schools barely got to practice at all that week.
  3. http://sports1.tjsport.xyz/hsfootball.php#.X29Szi_3a-o From Frederick Douglas football Twitter
  4. Just an FYI, Butler at Fern Creek scrimmage is no fans, not even parents are attending. As of today our live streaming camera for NFHS network has not been installed yet, everything is on site just needs to be installed and calibrated for the stadium. They also have to run the network cable from field house just behind the press box into the press box for the steaming camera. If it gets installed tomorrow we will try to test it during the scrimmage.
  5. JCPS joined the NFHS network, the Pixellot camera is due to be installed at Fern Creek next week. https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/pixellot
  6. Have seen 33, and actually have 24 on either dvd or Blu-ray. Haven’t bought any movies in years but used to buy them all the time especially when $10 or less.
  7. Derby City Pizza, Fairdale location. Eat pizza, as well as Stromboli’s and meatball subs. Usually get something at least once a week. Their pizza is a good thin crust, I usually prefer hand tossed but theirs is good
  8. Semi-pro football. I started working with the Louisville bulls semipro team in 1994. Was working the gate for home games as well as selling t shirts, hats and other souvenirs. The next year I started doing stats for away games and worked the gate at home. The next year started doing stats full time and got other to do the gate. I also started gradually assuming more and more duties over those first couple years. I did the website, put together the game program, worked fundraisers, did all fliers, etc. printed game tickets, handled all the player paperwork form waivers, league info, etc. I started going to league meetings and missed one and got voted Vice President that then rotated into being league president for a year. I did it for 19 years until the team shutdown after the 2011 season. I never went back to semipro, there are more teams around and some have asked me to help over the years but I did my time. Sometimes miss the traveling and friends I made all over the Midwest in Cleveland, Detroit, Racine, Indy, Kokomo, Dayton, Cincy, Columbus, Lafayette, and more.
  9. Went to sleep with $2 in the bank and woke up with over 2 grand, got the stim check and my first paycheck from my new job that I started a month ago. We get paid bi-monthly. I paid all my April bills, and still have the stim check leftover. Will use some of that to live on until the next paycheck and save the rest. Hopefully can add to it, will be trying to purchase a new vehicle sometime in the next year. My 2002 Explorer Sport has lasted 11 years and I am ready to upgrade.
  10. BW3 yesterday was BOGO boneless wings
  11. Fern Creek’s Terrance Mitchell 5-10 175, Senior. Last year rushed 110 for 1110, 13 touchdowns, averaged 10.1 yards per carry while sharing the load with 3 other backs. Departed players Anthony Teague had 136 carries, Donte Cambron had 76. Mitchell should get more carries this year as well as Herve Blode 5-9, 160 who had 71 carries for 477 yards and 3 TD.
  12. Bambi Bar - Bambi Burger and cheese balls Loui’s Hot Chicken and BBQ - hot chicken, baked beans, fried corn on cob, and lb of brisket Papa Murphy’s - $10 Tuesday’s
  13. Pete W

    Apple TV+

    I had it for one month and really just watched the show “See” with Jason Momoa. I really liked that show, didn’t watch anything else on it, didn’t renew after the first month.
  14. Crazy that James lost by just $200 and didn’t get a single daily double out of 6.
  15. Hoewever my mother never used hers and my brother ended up borrowing it years ago and his kids use it now.
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