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  1. True. Elliott Co has 5 vs winning records and EC has 4. Same could be said of some others with wins over teams with winning records: - I can only find 2 wins for Boyd Co: Ashland and Lewis Co per KHSAA. -Rowan Co (10-2) is tied for the lead with 10 wins but only 3 are vs teams with a winning record in that stretch: Lewis Co, West Carter, and Thomas Nelson (Williamstown Christmas tournament). -Ashland (7-5) and Morgan Co (6-6) both have 2 wins: Ashland's were both over Boyd Co.; Morgan Co beat Rowan Co and Lawrence Co. -Bath Co (8-4) has 1 over West Carter -West Carter (6-6) has 1 over Morgan Co -Lewis Co (7-5) and Raceland (6-6) do not have any wins vs winning teams in past 12. I agree that the 62nd is the toughest. 2 of the best wins listed here are by Morgan Co (Rowan and Lawrence) and they may be the #4 seed in their district and never reach the regional....but if they are the #4 EVERYONE in the 16th will be Cougar fans in the district tourney!
  2. Last 12 games of mostly 16th inter-regional and district play here are the records: 10-2: Rowan Co and Elliott Co 8-4: Boyd Co, Bath Co, and East Carter 7-5: Ashland and Lewis Co 6-6: Morgan Co, West Carter, and Raceland 4-8: Russell, Greenup Co, and Fairview 3-9: Fleming Co and Menifee Co 1-11: Rose Hill Elliott and Rowan are still at the top but other teams are starting to move up the regional ladder heading down the stretch.
  3. Didn't they have early season injury issues? 8-4 in last 12. Handful of teams in the region 8-4 or better in past 12 starting to come alive as districts approach. Others who started hot are now cooling off. Its will all be about match ups and momentum in the district tourneys and this team has it right now.
  4. It was at Morgan Co as well which is a very tough place to play.
  5. Yeah those dismissing Elliott County are in for a surprise. If Spencer is on they are hard to beat period. Kid is All State and the rest of the team, which is good on their own, feeds from it.
  6. Menifee's fields are located at the county park and an elementary school. They have soccer so it would be possible. The other 2 maybe a little more difficult but I don't know enough about the available land in those 2.
  7. Great deal for Wolfe County. Would love to see all the schools in that area (Menifee, Lee, Owsley) that do not have football begin programs.
  8. Agree. On the other side of the coin with MoCo still having to play GRC and Bourbon this week they will slide.
  9. I will have to stand up for the "little guy" and ask why Robertson Co #8 when they are 8-3 in region?
  10. You stated before the board was not happy on the hire. How are things being received if there is an overhaul happening?
  11. Nice breakdown. Got to see Elliott Co on Friday night and they are all that and a bag of chips but I still think 2-12 is a true toss up. Districts and region are wide open...until you play Elliott.
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