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All A Predictions

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Top bracket favorites would be LCA, Mayfield, WV and KCC. Bottom bracket favorites should be UHA, Newport, Shelby Valley with one of the better 1st round games Danville vs Elliott. After that I would rank those 8 like this:

1. UHA

2. Mayfield

3. WV

4. LCA

5. Newport

6. Danville

7. Shelby Valley

8. KCC


I could see 5-6 different teams win this thing, should be an exciting tournament. Maybe some of the best talent we have seen top to bottom in this tournament in years.

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I'm going to go out on a bit of a limb and go with Mayfield and UHA in the finals -- an all WKY finals!!


On paper this should be the finals matchup. Mayfield and UHA started the season both ranked in the top 10. Mayfield struggled in December, but have really been playing well as of late, including a big win against UHA.

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