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  1. I know much of basketball tries to be "position-less" today, but if we were talking positions.... Who are the best guards (point & shooting), forwards (slashers & strong around the rim), and "bigs" (pos guys) in the 9th region for 2019-2020? Also, who are the best defenders? Guards: I like Draud (BWood), Disken (CCH), Vinson (HHS), Vieth (St.H), Bieger(BWood), White (Newport), Scott (Conner), Jefferson (NCC), Calloway (Holmes) Forwards: Vieth (StH), Bessler (StH), Skiles (Conner), Cody (Lloyd), Fields (Boone) Bigs: Green (CCH), Mullikin (NCC), Foster (Holmes), Sanders (Newport) Defenders: Hicks (Conner), Shea (StH),
  2. Do Boone or Ryle bring anything at all to the table to be able to compete with Conner/Cooper? Or, is it all those 2 yet again...
  3. They have Jalen Scott. A phenominal young, next level player to lead them. Then you have a couple of sharpshooters, some young talent, and the hard working Jared Hicks who is a great leader. Conner will be good.
  4. We are talking the best players in N.KY and people are on here just posting names of kids they like, or that are on their teams. Sometimes, we need to lock in and focus on the thread. Best players in N. KY. Some of these names HAVE TO BE for recognition only, as not all these kids are on the same level.
  5. Im going to hold off on the CCH kids that I have not yet seen. 1. Kelly Niece- SK 2. Scott Draud- Beechwood 3. Grant Disken- CCH 4. Beiger- Beechwood 5. Scott- Conner 6. Vieth- St. Henry 7. Vinson- Highlands 8. Cody- LLoyd 9. Mullikin- NCC 10. White- Newport Honorable Mention (no specific order): Green-CCH, Rabe-Cooper, Bessler-St. Henry, Eli Howard-NCC, Jefferson-NCC
  6. Yes, I saw that according to Beechwood twitter. Also, according to Cooper & Ryle twitter pages, both went 5-2 in the first 2 days. Not surprising for Cooper.
  7. Beechwood CCH NCC St. Henry Conner Cooper Not Holy Cross. Don’t see it at all.
  8. Newport has DaeShawn White, who is a very nice player! Next level kid. Don’t know any others. Highlands has Sam Vinson. Very good junior to be.
  9. Any word on any of the locals from NKY at Transy? I know Beechwood, St. Henry, Ryle, and Cooper were in the mix. Have to think at least 3 of the 4 are doing well.
  10. Highlands connection... Horn is going to coach at NKU, Shields coached at NKU, Shields with connections/relations to Listerman, Listerman coach at Highlands..... ntm that Highlands has great academics.
  11. I am hearing of some additional transfers to Cooper this year.
  12. Where do most affluent people live in NKY, and does that area have a good school to attend? It may also depend on the importance of academics within the family.
  13. Social Media is the way of the world. I'm sure the schools/coaches made a formal announcement to players on both sides. However, it always "leaks" on SM first. I didn't see Belcher, Ryle, or PC announcing it on twitter, FB, or Snapchat. This post appears to want to slam Belcher/Ryle, or both. Just not the case.
  14. Ryle’s test scores are well above state average and the grade rate for starting freshman is 95%. They’ll be fine in that department.
  15. Holthaus (spelling?) from Cooper would have also been a great hire, imo. I'm also aware of others that applied, but was unaware they weren't given interview. IMO, you have to go after the guy you want. If Belcher is that guy, then you have to hire him.
  16. To get Brannen or Snapp, they would have to want the job. Pretty sure neither applied. There wasn’t much chatter on either. I guess you know much more about Belcher than anyone else, because from what I’ve seen, he’s played a huge role in the development of Allen, and did a nice job with what he had around Allen at Pendleton.
  17. Again, put a name on it. Who applied or wanted to interview from outside NKY that would have been this great hire. I’m certainly open-minded, but based on the mystery of who you’re talking about, you don’t give us much room to believe any “outsiders” applied.
  18. Suddenly, you seem upset about this thread. Haven’t had that vibe to this point from your posts. Who was your selection?
  19. You keep saying “locally” in all of your posts... who is coming in from the outside that is so deserving of these jobs. Put a name on it? Otherwise, sounds like sour grapes or lack of knowledge.
  20. 1 player isn’t beating Campbell County, who is always stacked with players. Allen alone isn’t beating Scott which typically has a slew of players, and GRC has been rather talented lately. At PC, outside of Allen, it would have been rare for PC to have one of the best 5 or 6 players on the court when playing those 3 teams.
  21. Outside of hearing who the other candidates are... Belcher is the best I’ve heard of for the job. He can turn it around.
  22. Of the candidates I’ve seen on here, he’d be the best choice for hire, imo.
  23. Yes. I am told current NKY HS coaches are interested. 2 for sure, and a potential 3rd.
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