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  1. The new NKU coach, Darrin Horn, has a son going to be in the 10th grade named Walker Horn. Darrin played HS for Tate’s Creek and college ball for Western Kentucky. Don’t know much about his son but this video of him scoring 41 points in 8th grade, he looks pretty darn good... will be interesting to see if he goes to a NKY school or if he chooses to go across the river.
  2. 2017 Beechwood Tigers Football is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way ... For the beechwood radio broadcast
  3. Beechwood is too much for the Panthers. It’s a shame BeechWood isn’t 2A right now, Ludlow might’ve been able to make it to the State Semi’s this year. Hope the Panthers keep their heads up. 7-1 is nothing to be ashamed of.
  4. Sorry, I'm just fired up. I'm tired of the disrespect BW was getting before the game saying they'd lose by 4 TD's. Im sure those SK players are GREAT kids and they have a first class coach. Good Luck Neers.
  5. Last game of the year. 10/20 at SK. Ryle's running back Chisom (sp?) will have 5 TD's in that game.
  6. I also remember FootballForever saying that SK's receiving core was too good for BW to stop. LOL. Zero passing TD's for that GREAT air raid offense. Gosh they're so overrated.
  7. pretty fitting night that Ryle plays Indiana powerhouse Indy Cathedral while SK plays 1A Beechwood. Beechwood could've should've won this game. Too many missed chances. SK is a good team. But not even close to being a top 10 6A team. Congrats to the Neers! Good luck rest of the season. Looks like Ryle is team to beat in NKY 6A though.
  8. 2011 BW 28 SK 0 2012 SK 21 BW 17 This game will not be a blow out... so get those 4-5 TD's crap out of here. They play a soft 6A schedule and look like world beaters every year. Beechwood by 2 TD's. Better coached and will have a more disciplined game plan. And SK is NOT more talented. But we'll see how it plays out Friday. Size could win it alone for the Neers if they run the ball effectively. Good luck Pioneers. I hope this is a fun and injury free game! Go Tigers!
  9. Blackburn with a 50 yard run!!!! He's unstoppable.
  10. Ludlow should've been running the ball this much from the start. Strat for almost 20 yards.
  11. Ludlow interception. 33-28 Panthers. 5 mins left.
  12. Panthers go for 2 and they don't convert. 33-28 605 to play
  13. Blackburn WILLED his way into the end zone. He's a monster. So much heart.
  14. This Ludlow team is a different animal with Taphouse at the helm coaching. I've never seen so much confidence from a Ludlow team.
  15. Ludlow got the ball back off HORRIBLE clock management from Williamsburg. Ludlow gets a 45 yard pass then 4 yard run by Strat again. 20-14 missed Extra point
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