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  1. All the 50/50 balls going to Butler. Cut down the tunovers the second half, we got a chance. That charge called on Williams was bad, going from potentially going up 1 to going back down 4.Tough break
  2. I doubt Hager wanted it. His workload was already heavy. He is the head coach of the football and baseball teams at FC.
  3. Letcher had the ball with 5-6 seconds left at the end of regulation, and out of a timeout Maggard shot a 3/4 court shot as soon as she caught it. Did LCC coaches not discuss how much time was on the clock in that timeout?
  4. Congrats Coach Honeycutt. He’s a great guy, I’ve known him a long time. Tough to 3peat but he done it.
  5. 1Walton-Verona 1 Campbell County 1 Owensboro 1 Trinity 1 Scott County 1 Perry County Central 1 Madisonville-North Hopkins 1 Mayfield 2 Campbell 2 Trinity 2Scott Co 2 Mayfield 3Trinity 3 Scott Co 5 Trinity TB 109
  6. Congrats Ashland. Always seem like one team makes it to Rupp that no one mentions or think will make it. Southwestern last year, Ashland this season.
  7. Thursday at 12:00 Does anyone know anything bout Butler? heights? What is their playing style?
  8. 33-30 Hazard to start the 4th. Back with 4 fouls for Perry.
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