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  1. For mine: 6 Southwestern, 7 Pulaski County, 8 Greenwood, 9 Owensboro 10 North Laurel
  2. I am looking forward to listening!
  3. I'll try to post a few videos on twitter @teeroyhowell (of course i won't livestream).
  4. Yeah I hear a ton of feedback regarding my rankings and almost everyone I've heard from agrees this Douglass team is one of the top teams in the state.
  5. Douglass has finished outside the top 5 (8-10 range) in my final 2020 and 2021 polls, so I agree they were not top 5 in the past few years. However I think this Douglass team is different and I think they will finish at the top 5 and have their best chance ever to win 5A. We will see.
  6. You still sticking with Highlands over Raceland? I think Raceland can/should go in to Ft. Thomas and beat them.
  7. I think Owensboro will easily beat Daviess Friday.
  8. It's not the only metric to use, but if you can name me 5 teams better than Douglass this year I would like to know who they are?
  9. Yeah if they blow out Simon Kenton that will be impressive.
  10. According to the recruiting rankings FD has the most talent in the state and Beechwood has the highest ranked player in the state, but of course none of those highly rated players play QB.
  11. Oh yeah Manual might be moving up fast. Also if Dunbar beats Woodford that is a good sign for Madison Central, who barely beat Dunbar at home (Central did have some injuries). If Woodford beats Dunbar by a lot they will likely jump Madison Central. Hard to tell about how good Beechwood is until they have the prove it game vs Cov Cath, assuming Cov Cath keeps winning.
  12. Will be easier to rank Trinity once they start playing some in-state teams. Like to see how they match up with Louisville St. X, Male, and Ballard
  13. Almost put Manual over Male. To me that game is a coin flip. What do y’all think?
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