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  1. 4th down and goal from the 4 yard line campbellsville season on the line!
  2. Turnover on downs for Bethelem!!! Campbellsville will take over around midfield with just over 2 mins to play
  3. Turnover on downs for Campbellsville and Bethelem will take over on their own 22 with 6:24 left
  4. Bethelem answers right back! Game tied at 38 with 22 secs left in the 3rd quarter!
  5. Touchdown Campbellsville! Campbellsville now leads 38-31 3:51 left in the 3rd Quarter!
  6. Bethelem tries an onside kick and campbellsville returns it to the Bethelem 30!
  7. Bethelem answers right back with a score of their own and they now lead 31-30. In the late 3rd quarter.
  8. Campbellsville scores on the opening drive of the second half and now leads 30-22!
  9. Touchdown Campbellsville right before halftime! Campbellsville trails 24-22! Campbellsville will get the ball to start the second half.
  10. Campbellsville gets a defensive stop then muffs the punt and Bethelem gets the ball back on a short field.
  11. Bethelem scores the very next play and now lead 24-14 with 10 mins til half.
  12. This game may be a shootout! Bethelem answers back with a score of their own to tie the game up at 14! 3 mins left in 1st Q
  13. Malachi Corley making his presence on the field felt as he catches a TD from Arren Hash! Campbellsville leads 14-7!
  14. Campbellsville opens the game with a little trickery with a WR pass! Reggie Thomas to Mikael Vaught 76 yards for the TD! 8-0 Campbellsville early!
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