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  1. Pulling for Ludlow in this one. It's a long overdue breath of fresh air to see a 1A team in district 4 whose name wasn't Beechwood that was capable of beating more than 1 team in the district. I expect Beechwood to win, but I'm hoping Ludlow can pull off an upset. When was the last time Ludlow beat Beechwood?
  2. I saw on FB that before the game they're going to be having a ceremony honoring all of the players whose jerseys have been retired over the 50 years. Cool idea. I have relatives who played against Keith Stowers. Said he was a men amongst boys. I remember watching Mike Caple and Artie Steinmetz play in the 94 state championship too. They were the real deal. Even in a state championship game between the two best teams in the class, those two stood out.
  3. Dennis was the oldest son of John. He took over as head of the company from his father in 1979. Dennis was first sued by his sister Betty in 1990 for mishandling their parents' estates. Dennis settled with her out of courts. Then three of the sisters filed suit against their brothers Dennis, Griff, and Robert in 2013. Dennis died in 2015, and in 2016 a federal judgment found Dennis' estate and his brothers liable for paying out $548 million to their sisters, whom they had defrauded. Even if they told Dennis prior to 2013 that they would name the stadium after him this is still a bad look for CCH.
  4. So CCH decided to name their stadium after a man who was found guilty of cheating his family out of millions of dollars? Interesting.
  5. Did I see a sign today that said "Dennis Griffin Stadium"? I thought they were just naming the field - not renaming the whole stadium.
  6. The new school is relieving overcrowding at HC and Station but how will Douglass impact the overall landscape of Lex football? Station seems to have been down a little in the last year or two. HC isn't the strongest they've ever been. Dunbar is Dunbar, Tates Creek is Tates Creek, and Lafayette has been the strongest of the five Fayette schools in recent years. Douglass is in a district with Scott Cty, Dunbar, Station and HC, so I'm not sure what if any impact they will have on Tates Creek and Lafayette. I'd kind of be surprised if Douglass really takes many players away from them, but what if any impact will they have on Lex Cath and LCA? It's going to be interesting to see what kind of ripple effect Douglass will have around the county, or if they may even be a tsunami.
  7. I'm hearing the brothers Edgington are out on the freshman coaching staff now and there's someone who hired on from a D2 or D3 college team who's handling the CCH freshman now.
  8. Well aside from a couple of years in the early days it seems like CCH didn't see a whole lot of success in football until the mid or late 1980's. Haven't they usually scheduled one or two teams from Cincinnati or Ohio each year ever since then?
  9. Who are the players in the northern Kentucky area this fall who may not be heard about much because of the teams they play on? There weren't many headlines in the Enquirer last season about Justin Durham at Lloyd, Justin Blackburn at Ludlow, or Matt Blank at Brossart - but it doesn't mean they weren't putting up impressive numbers all season long. Who are some of the more impressive northern Kentucky kids that will be playing on teams that unfortunately won't make a lot of noise on a statewide level this year?
  10. Cal Preps has Highlands last in 5A district 5 in their preseason preview, behind CCH and Dixie. No 4th team in the district this year.
  11. Did we ever establish who this big transfer was or what his name is?
  12. Was there any name attached to what you heard, or was it just a "I heard they got a big transfer" rumor?
  13. As I understand it there has been a mass-exodus among the Holy Cross coaching staff.
  14. Are they planning on renaming the field when they finish rebuilding?
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