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  1. He wants to show his diversity to play inside or outside to improve his NBA stock. The NBA drafts players on potential and Haarms continues to improve. You can't teach or coach 7 foot 3 inches tall. Yes, he will be in the NBA in 2021 after playing for former UK and NBA big man Mark Pope. I think Haarms bought into Mark Pope's pitch that he knows what it takes and can teach him how to be an NBA big man after just one year in Provo. UK can't get 'em all!
  2. I love the sound of irons touching each other in the golf bag. Reminds me of the good old days when I walked and carried my clubs or going to a tournament and hearing the caddies carry the clubs.
  3. It sounds like the only thing Kentucky has on Indiana is a better, one class high school basketball tournament (Sweet Sixteen). I might better understand Indiana's decision to go to multiple classes after learning that Carmel High School has nearly 5000 students in grades 9-12. It doesn't quite seem fair that a small town high school with, say, 300 students in grades 9-12 would have to tackle that giant. Nonetheless, Kentucky's idea of crowning just one champion is the best. Many in Indiana wishes their tournament didn't go to multiple classes because the tournament has not been the same since the change.
  4. Just out of curiosity, why do you need head covers for irons? It makes sense with your driver, utility clubs, and putter because they can get scratched, but not irons. It just seems to be cumbersome to have to take them off and put them back on after each shot with your irons. I recommend just going bareback with the irons. :thumb:
  5. Bizarre comment. Do you think arthritis is going to shorten this old man's NBA career?
  6. Congratulations to Jedrick Wills, Jr.! To go in the top 10 in a draft is off the charts.
  7. Exactly. Cal said he was homesick and wanted to transfer back to the West Coast. Villanova must be the west coast of Philadelphia. :) Being a scorer, Johnny wants to go somewhere where he can log minutes and score. I personally think he is really good and will light it up at his next stop before the NBA comes calling.
  8. This is the real concern....the ripple financial effect of this pandemic.
  9. Just....wow! I am surprised here. Scott County enters the district with a losing record and goes on to win the region. Congratulations to the Cardinals and Coach Glenn.
  10. Yes I did. I saw Douglass beat Henry Clay in the first game of the season. I knew Douglass was a tough match up for the Devils. ☹️
  11. The best chili I have had is from Bluegrass Hospitality Group (Malone's, Harry's, Drake's). A really good recipe.
  12. I have seen Scott County play multiple times and I have yet to see anything from them to make me think they can beat Lexington Catholic this afternoon in the 11th Region final. I see the Knights easily booking a ticket to Rupp Arena.
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