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  1. Mason Moore needs to Transfer to Ashland. I would love to see him play at Rupp.
  2. I'm not familiar with these two players, where are they from? Did they play MS ball there?
  3. If I truly got what I wanted there would be 4 classes with 4 state champs then have a Fab 4 Weekend at Rupp. A lot of people want no change to anything, do you like the 3 point shot? Lol
  4. You aren't understanding some of the scenarios I listed. A #4 in a district would play a #1 from another district. As mentioned you could shorten season or seed by regular season district games or play the district tourney and seed that way. No one said anything about separate sites, 1st round on a Friday and Saturday and then go to the normal 8 game tournament the following week.
  5. Let's use the 10th region as an example, Bourbon would not be playing #3 in the region, they would be playing a #3 from another district. Possibly Clark, Bourbon, and Montgomery would be in the semis of the regional format if changed but that is impossible now.
  6. I think the best teams should be in the region tournaments. The way it is now if a district is loaded with 3 or 4 of the better teams they still only get two teams in. A weak district gets two no matter how bad they are. It just isn't very fair for some teams. Why not take all teams to the regional with 1's playing 4's and 2's playing 3's from opposite districts. You could still play a district tournament or use the season district games to seed it. If you argue the season is too long drop the season games to 26 or 28. What's everyones opinion on this?
  7. I saw him play at Menifee. It didn't seem like it was bothering him.
  8. A floater is basically a layup from range. If the defensive player had to allow for landing room on a floater or layup, then the only legal charge would be after the offensive player had already shot, landed and ran into the defensive player.
  9. I wish Elliott would somehow play (beat) Ashland in the regional tournament. Would be a beautiful storyline in my opinion.
  10. You know the 10th is down when Robertson County is ranked fourth in the region, and Mason's best player is a Robertson transfer.
  11. It looks to me like the only people to blame for not having more kids from your team on the list is the head coach. The Robertson County, Scott and Calvary Christian coaches probably just nominated more players. Then all it took was for those players to have one good game in region to get that kid on the honorable mention.
  12. I was basing that statement off of previous weeks as well. In an eleven day span Raceland lost to West at home twice and was still ranked above them. Also Raceland is .500 in their last ten games. Three of the five wins coming from home games against Menifee, East and Rose Hill. Which all were won by five or less points.
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