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  1. Whoa...believe me...the coaching in Kentucky is AT LEAST as good as it is in Florida...better talent does not mean better coaching... And it is usually who you know....especially when it comes to recommendations. If you have some contacts in KY call them.
  2. I've got a better question...WHY WOULD YOU EVER, EVER LET AL HOLLAND GO? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT DECISION. Politics and HS athletics...Al is just doing what he has always done....win...looks like Coach Holland is the common factor in PCC's past success and Hazard's current/future success... Boy, that's gotta hurt! Bet that's a move that's hard to explain to the PCC faithful...
  3. Jerry Perry is the real deal...period. Swings a mighty hammer! Great coach! J. Howell also bleeds maroon!
  4. Not true...you sign a contract that says if you copy ANYTHING, aid in implementing the system with a program not under contract you will be sued. There are a couple of teams that are about to get the hammer dropped on them for that very thing...Tony's people are very loyal to him. Tony stayed the course, stuck with his beliefs and worked his way back to the top, doing it his way...and he's been good to his friends along the way.
  5. No, scheduling wise we had to miss the Nashville clinic...killed me...first time in six years. We'll have to have him/them come to our place and get us caught up...That's going to be a hefty check!!:eek:
  6. They don't have to scrap the offense just because they can't go to the camp do they? The camp makes it much better, but if you an hit the clinic and still use the resources you can still have a lot of success...
  7. Hatch led the nation in rushing this year....
  8. Best clinic you'll ever go to...all business.
  9. Dean Hood from Wake will be the next coach...
  10. Stick this post is going to cost you some bucks buddy...don't let tony see this!! :lol:
  11. Hammontree used to be the Head Coach at North Gwinnett Hs in Suwanee, Ga. Same school that ex Lex. Cath. HC bob sphire is now.
  12. Mark's a good head coach right now...:confused:
  13. Ol' Cuz is very proud of him! He and his staff are putting together a heck of a run over the past five years...sounds like his players are playing "lights out"...
  14. Well, that is the hard part of coaching...trying to prepare the athletes for success and physical well being and keeping good numbers...HS is a volunteer sport, there are no scholarships...but in the long run it's about the commitment...no one will win without committed players. If you have 70 players and only 20 or so are committed, more than likely those will be the only players that will be playing during the contest anyhow...it is a tough call.
  15. Sounds like Coach Browne is trying to prepare his young men to do battle against Rock and Bell, who are probably SEC type programs on the HS level. I don't mean to sound sarcastic but if you want to participate in an extra curricular activity then play flag football. If you want to survive, much less have a chance to compete and beat Rockcastle and Bell, you better love the game and get to work. Sounds like that is what coach browne is doing. I'm sure that is why he was hired. Commitment is an all day, everyday process and it looks like Coach Browne is demanding that from his players. I'
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