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  1. Wow...what a game!:scared: In an absolute barn-burner, Hazard came from behind to defeat a much improved Perry Central team 22-20 thanks to a 38 yard Hail Mary from Tyler Olinger to Alex Hall with 3 seconds left on the clock! The pass was storybook perfect and the catch was, also! After a dismal second half, due to rain and a wet field, the Bulldogs showed what they are made of and came away with a sweet victory in the rivalry match of the year! Best wishes to the Commodores for the rest of their season and congratulations to the Bulldogs...a team that never gave up! Thanks for the memories, Bulldogs!!:dancingpa
  2. It's true. If you go on the KHSAA site they explain how it is done. They use the number of boys in the school since girls rarely if ever play football. I believe the other sports use total enrollment.
  3. I understand Hazard is preparing to install artifical turf at Daniel Field as part of a makeover of their football facility. This is really exciting and I am sure it will give the team an added boost as part of defending their home turf during games. The guys are working hard with weights and spring practice and by August will be ready to take it all the way to Louisville for the finals in Class A! Go Bulldogs!!
  4. Congratulations to Hazard on a fine season. I also believe the officiating left a lot to be desired and wonder what will ever be done about it. It seems it goes down hill every year. Nevertheless, Hazard represented the 14th region well and all their team returns except for Josh Combs (No. 2) who is a reserve guard. Hopefully, we will mature, play wiser and be able to return to represent the 14th region again next year! Best of luck, Bulldogs! Now, on to spring football!!
  5. Refs are human...therefore, they make mistakes. Nevertheless, I felt two games out of 15 were very poorly called, that being the Hazard/Shelby Co. game and the Paintsville/Holmes game. There were many missed calls, and during the Hazard game the majority of the fans in the arena booed a call made in the final minute that could have completely turned the game around in Hazard's favor. How do we change this? I don't know. I have written to KHSAA in the past to voice complaints but have never even received confirmation that they received the letter. I have also heard they are begging people in the state to become qualified to referee, but are not receiving much interest from the general public. I do know one thing...when it's over, it's over, so there isn't anything we can do to change the outcome!
  6. Divadawg will be there for all 15 games...but especially supporting the 14th Region Champion Hazard Bulldogs!!
  7. It appears this will be a real barn burner. Hazard (30-4) and South Laurel (27-7) have only played two common opponents--Clay County and Breathitt County, and both Haz and SL won these games. There is no doubt that SL has a fine team, but Hazard is also road tested. I believe the fact Coach Whitaker and his son, Josh, are both very familiar with this team, will be in our favor. Also, Hazard's defense has improved as the season has gone along and our bench is very deep (at least 10 deep without losing much quality). For these reason, I have to give Hazard the edge by 5 points! Go Bulldogs!!:banana:
  8. Actually, Lightening, it will be the 4th time they have met this season! Go Bulldogs!!
  9. This game should be a barn burner! I would love to see Bryant Station pull it out and advance to the Sweet Sixteen! This region is becoming more and more intimidating. In the past everyone dreaded the Louisville regions because of their quality of teams but it appears the 10th is rapidly becoming the one to reckon with! May the best team win!
  10. I believe our dogs can pull it off but it will be a real struggle! I am sure PCC will try to control the tempo and slow it down like they did tonight with PCC. We will have to bring our best game out for this confrontation, but the dogs will back up their bark with their bite! Hazard by 5! Go Bulldogs!!
  11. Never doubt it...our dogs will be ready!! Go Bulldogs!!
  12. I believe our Bulldogs will stay focused and use their stingy defense to pull this one out with about a ten point margin! Go Bulldogs!!
  13. I believe the correct score is actually 82-54.
  14. Estill was up by 6 points with less than 30 seconds to play and had a player (who had hit 16 of 16 freethrows tonight) on the line. Not sure of the final score, but Estill won.
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