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  1. Not sure of the number of times that they made it, I know they made it in their final year in the 10th, 2004-2005, they lost to Pendleton Co. I believe they upset GRC in the district to get there but I may be wrong about that.
  2. Trevor Jones - Estill Co. (Redshirt Fresh.) set the Morehead State record for rushing yards in a game a few weeks ago, 284 yards, 4 TD, he's had a big year.
  3. Yes he does, very impressive turnaround, congrats to the Polar Bears.
  4. All depends on how Estill's defense can compete against the Red Devils offense. Jones will be a handful, like most games, the better defense decides it.
  5. PT South Warren Central Corbin Bourbon Estill Lawrence Belfry
  6. All depends on the Casey, Magoffin, Breathitt, and Bourbon games now, I think you're right, by 10 pm we should know.
  7. If Magoffin County beats Lewis County the odds are very high that Estill will receice the 1. Bourbon and Garrard would need lots of help to reach the same total. However if Magoffin loses it tightens up quite a bit. He is right, lots of mah involved.
  8. Are the coordinators going with Scenters? Seems like both played at Central didnt they? Either of them ready for head coaching job?
  9. Amazing game, 8th grader Trevor Jones came away with MVP honors.
  10. Returned an interception for a touchdown to go up one followed by 2 pt conversion.
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