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  1. Is Lex Cath Down that much, Bath up that much...or both? Know Lex Cath lost Ryan. Know how good Schwartz Dad was and closing in on 2,000 yds rushing tonight.
  2. I think this is the best Lawrence Co group I've seen in awhile. Very physical skill kids. The kids have bought into Coach Short. Good vibe in the air and the most kids I've ever seen out (over 70). That's saying a lot with all the job losses, concussion stuff etc. We'll find out fast...open at Raceland. Fredrick Douglas is interesting. New school w college like facilities. I used to work at one of the feeders. Typically some of the most athletic kids I've seen around KY (worked Lville/Lex/EKY). Uber speed! Open w Danville so will learn a lot there. Huge numbers difference but great program. I'll be surprised if LCA isn't in the hunt of healthy led by D Wheatley. Paintsville/Hazard no longer sleepers but has the makings to be a dandy late in the playoffs.
  3. Agree on Willis. Top 4 I've seen back in no order: Phelps-Paintsville RB Brown-Ryle QB T Dalton-Lawrence Co WR Athlete R Horton-Belfry DTackle
  4. Not neccisarly. Both of those kids had offers from smaller D1 schools like Marahall (close to home). It wasn't until they both went to the combines and dominated that the big programs came knocking like SEC, Big 12, ACC. It changed both of their lives. I think it's hard to stereotype because a combine in some places in KY can help kids that might not be noticed to get noticed by smaller in state Universities. If you're from areas like these 2 kids that aren't football rich recruiting areas and dominate at a place like Atlanta then it opens doors that wouldn't be open. In a nutshell I think each combine is different and each kid is different.
  5. I can tell you this...I watched 1 kid I'm close to go from a few offers before a combine to offers from UK, UofL+SC the week after. The next week Ohio St+Fla showed up at school. Fast forward to this past week. I watched another kid I know well go from an offer to Marshall before a combine (where he won MVP) to receiving offers from WVU+Fla St yesterday! I'm not saying they aren't money makers but for extremely talented kids from areas without a lot of exposure it's been huge for those two! I'd have to go back and look at which combines they were but one was in Charlotte the other in Atlanta. I know Kent Phelps just had a good showing in Indy so we'll see what comes of that.
  6. Coached Copley. Hope this is true. Makes a lot of sense. He was with Jackson at Pikeville. Copley's around a lot of good competition in the Nashville area.
  7. Great news for Kent! He's been invited to Nike's Opening Regional event. Should help exposure a lot for one of the top Jr's in KY.
  8. Getting fun for Luke. Morehead, Centre etc have offered. Air Force met w him last Sun night about possibly playing there. Army gathering info now.
  9. Every kid is different. I don't know many coaches that wouldn't love a crack at coaching D1 talent.
  10. Outstanding team. Always is. Had hoped Luke Trimble would have made it. Thought he was what the athlete role encompasses. Might be the only kid I've seen that started 4 yrs offense, defense+all special teams never missing a start or leaving a game injured. Burst on the scene Freshman yr w 140yds receiving, 80yd kick return TD and 60+TD run all by halftime vs State Runner up. Finished Sr yr ave 14yd Rush, 15 yd a catch and 6int. Best game vs Bourbon 4TD 2int(pick6). I think he flew under the radar some w Kash Mr Football this yr and Kent a preseason candidate next year. Would have big numbers at WR in a passing system. Biggest hands for a WR I've seen in EKY since UK WR Gerad Parker. Recruiting has picked up since season end. Air Force has been communicating a lot. Feel like there's a legit chance they might offer. I agree with Brown too. He is one of the fastest kids in KY. Both kids have been huge for their hometowns. No arguments from me though. I understand how hard it is to make a list. If I were adding 2 that's the 2 best I've seen left off.
  11. The San Antonio Significance | Kentucky Sports Radio Nice read. Really happy for 3 good young men. They already have a special bond and haven't stepped on campus for class yet.
  12. Our 3 boys have been huge this week! Everything I've seen has Drake top Center + Landon being called 5 Star Tackle arguably the highest ceiling. Kash had and int and has emerged as a leader. He was tabbed before the camp as "fish out of water" because the stage would supposedly be to big for him. Good news Kash+Drake just got named 2 of the 4 Captains for their team! This the day after Kash got defensive player of the day and Landon got offensive player of the day. Army Bowl: East practice Tuesday top performers
  13. Good start to practice week. UK got the #3 overall grade after practices up to this point. Both linemen have been in the stock up players. Drake getting rave reviews as fast learner, command at Center sounds like he's got a great shot to come in and compete right away at Guard. Have seen him ranked as high as 3 overall on his All Star Team. Mauler they called him. Great reviews of Landon. Said body wise he looks like the most prototipacal at the whole camp. Said he's on the right side right now but has all the makings of a left tackle and has looked good vs tough competition. Haven't seen a lot on Kash yet review wise. I know he had an interception yesterday.
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