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  1. Two pages is maximum for most positions for "seasoned" professionals. Customize or tune to the job at hand. Emphasize the background that is relevant, cut back on that that is not. For old jobs and for ones that are relevant the line "Held other positions as xxxxx, yyyy, zzzz" or "Prior experience in xxxxx industry." Here is what is important - keywords and format. Not for the humans - for the AI screeners. Most larger and medium size companies and search firms will use AI to filter applicants. Years in positions need to be clear. Title needs to be clear. A dedicated section that list skills is ideal. You can see how well the AI bots can read your resume when you use a site where they ask you just upload your resume and it tries to fill all the fields. If it captures 90% of the fields correctly - that is good. If it can not do a good job of translating your resume to the format - not so good. The higher level position - the more important all of this is. While a few hundred dollars may sound like a lot to have a resume done - it may be worthwhile depending on the level of position and how dated your current resume is.
  2. I will go with NC State. ACC has to win something this post season. (Or maybe not.) The Pack has beaten who they should this season.
  3. Paul McAvoy scored a hat trick for Colgate against RIT. McAvoy is a senior and team captain. He played for Lexington Catholic before he started the journey in juniors and collegiate hockey. He is on various NHL team's radar. https://gocolgateraiders.com/news/2020/12/29/mens-ice-hockey-shorties-hat-tricks-and-milestones-oh-my.aspx
  4. Lets map this discussion to our own high school 6A situation and ask - will anything really get 'fixed' by all the tinkering with structure and post season. Super-districts, rotating regions, eliminating Jefferson County vs state final and so on. After years and decades of changes to 'fix' the lack of diversity of success the top class a big green T is on the BGP homepage - again. This discussion and direction on the CFP seems to be going the same route. Expanding the playoffs will fix - what? Does anyone really expect a #5 or higher to be champion? Only if their name is Alabama or Ohio State. Take these two vanguards (and target of the fixing) out of the picture and the champion has been #1 or #2. The 3 seed has yet to win the CFP. So in the majority of years it seems even the BCS did a reasonable job. Another parallel is "blow-out-weekend". Are the 1 v 8 and 2 v 7 games really going to be competitive in an 8 team format most years? Likely not. Go for an expanded format if there is something good to come out of it. But 'fixing' the rich get richer issue is not something that is fixed by this move.
  5. I believe most would agree that Cal has lost some energy the last two or three years. Its not a criticism. I think that the 1AD system is very hard on head coaches. They have to recruit like crazy each year. Then they have to coach up these recruits with lots of intensity and focus during the season. And they have to try to meld them into peaking at the end of the season. To do this year-in and year-out has to wear on any coach working this approach. And to some extent all college coaches do now. I would not find it outside the realm of possibility that Cal makes a key decision on his own terms at the end of this season.
  6. While satire - it seems 100% correct. One of their best ever.
  7. One of the effects of the CFP was that increased the number of games for schools. Regular seasons already were increased 20% going from 10 to 12 games (not really relted to CFP). But then came the requirement of a conference championship game (13 games for 2 teams out of each P5). Then two rounds of playoffs for two teams (with one round still mapping to a traditional bowl game). Thus, teams playing up to 15 games a season. A 4 round playoff system adds two more games to that. Now your at 17 games. This is a professional level NFL schedule. I just think on that factor the Presidents of the Universities would take a stand that its too many games and too long a time for a season for "students". Would people accept a compromise and go back to a 10 game schedule overall to offset this expansion of the post season and keep the overall time frames similar?
  8. Three of the six years of CFP ended with 1 vs 2. One 1 vs 3, one 2 vs 4, one 3 vs 4. The 4th seeds that won were Ohio State and Alabama. The BCS seemed to get halfway there. Four teams seems to be right. Its hard to see that going to 8 teams helps anything. This year there is more of a case due to the lack of games and issues with the logistics. But looking at the previous six years it hard to see anywhere where a 5 to 8 seed would have any real chance. I think eight teams is tough sell. Sixteen teams is an impossible sell.
  9. Gotta feel bad for FD kicker. Tough situation at end.
  10. This sounds very similar to my case. Unfortunately, the wife had the overall body aches for over two weeks. The running down of the batteries is still impacting her, like your wife's situation. She will work a bit and lay down a bit (working from home). My son's girlfriend test positive after he did. She said (and still says) she had no symptoms. But we discussed this weekend she said - I had a bad head cold for a few days - but that was not COVID since I did not have fatigue issues. So, it would seem the young may not suffer from the fatigue issues and thus consider themselves "asymptomatic" when they are not. It seems my son had the mild version of what hit my wife. GF seemed to have the mild version of what hit me. It seems that there are two strains now.
  11. Seeing that he did this in soccer apparently makes one realize that this is someone who needs professional help or he will likely become a ward of the state (prison) most of his life if this is not done.
  12. I do not see this posted here at BGP yet. https://www.wkyt.com/2020/12/05/fayette-county-superintendent-dies-unexpectedly/ LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Fayette County Superintendent Manny Caulk died unexpectedly Friday. “Tonight, I write with a heavy heart to inform you of the death of our Superintendent, Emmanuel Caulk, who has led our district since 2015,” wrote Fayette County Board of Education Chair Stephanie Spires in a letter to families. “We are grateful for Manny’s servant leadership and passion for our two moral imperatives – to accelerate achievement for students who have not yet reached proficiency and to challenge students already proficient to achieve global competency,” wrote Spires. (< 50%) Seems this was released after last nights games were played. Three FCPS schools were in action and two advanced to semis.
  13. Bryan Station 28 Oldham County 7. Less than seven minutes left in first half.
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