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  1. This is an excellent hire. The background with Kevin Wallace and St. X provides the foundation for a first time head coach.
  2. Knowing one potential candidate I can say they are trying to get the right person and those hires take time - regardless of who it is. The change in class may have taken some shine off the role. Losing the rivalry with Boyle is not good even with Boyle having the upper hand the last few years.
  3. Sounds like you could deem UConn an "Elite" program without almost any argument. But without the pedigree it seems they do not qualify as "Blue Blood" based on above. So the terms "Blue Blood" and "Elite" should not be used interchangeably. Correct?
  4. I believe its the latter. The second half comeback was fueled mainly by UConn getting sloppy or rushing shots. There were comments before the game, maybe Kellogg, that SDSU was the kind of team that gave UConn trouble when they lost this season.
  5. Transylvania women win the DIII Championship in Dallas today.
  6. Up to 20 simultaneous tornado warnings from Chicago to Little Rock. East Iowa taking a beating.
  7. Knowledge is power. Do the survivors of the vote alert the other tribes that the newbies come with an Idol? Or did they figure that out yet?
  8. 2-11 is not great from 3 pt line. But KS is 0-12 (luckily). Another notable is bench - KS has played 9 players in the first half. Kentucky only 6 with Fredrick coming off bench. Oscar doing what he can, but he needs some help.
  9. 32-0 Championship game bound. http://transysports.com/news/2023/3/18/transy-womens-basketball-advances-to-the-ncaa-diii-national-championship-with-76-65-win-over-smith.aspx
  10. This has been a bit under the radar. Transy Women are 31-0 and play tonight in the DIII Women's Final Four. http://transysports.com/sports/wbball Senior Maddie Kellione has been named Transy's first first team All-American. http://transysports.com/news/2023/3/17/senior-maddie-kellione-named-wbca-first-team-all-american.aspx
  11. We did Surfside area for over 10 years straight a number of years ago. Sea Cloisters I and II complexes were where we stayed, but many other 3 or 4 story complexes in area. Convenient to Murrell's Inlet restaurants, mini-golf, water-park, and southside golf courses. Before finding Surfside we stayed at Ocean's Creek on north side. Huge property but the ocean view is only from large tower complex. Two story units are back away from beach.
  12. Fayette schools out again today.
  13. Fayette County schools will not be in session Monday due to the power outages.
  14. Two trees down in backyard.
  15. Fayette public schools already called for Friday due to anticipated conditions.
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