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  1. SF - gotta ride a cable car and check out Lombard Street. There used to be tours of the cable car mechanical facilities. Fisherman's Wharf is usually on people's list. We took a ferry over to Saucalito from there to get a good view of the Golden Gate from the water. We also took a quick tour of the bay including Alcatraz. An actual tour of Alcatraz was longer and we just did not want to spend that much time.
  2. This is based on a couple of trips many years ago. But these all look like they are still good attractions at the islands. Multi-island stay is the way to go if you have time. Oahu: 1. Waikiki Beach is nice but not special. Best thing is view of Diamond Head. 2. Diamond Head itself. We were able to walk up to the rim where there were still bunkers from WWII. Tolerable hike up - through at least one tunnel that was dark. We went from one bunker to the next along the rim. Very cool view of Honolulu, and Pearl Harbor. 3. Of course, Pearl Harbor. Big Mo was not there when we went. But we still made at least half a day of it or more. Maui: 1. Sunrise at Haleakala. Extinct volcano, sun comes up over a lava moonscape like environment. Bundle up - its cold at the top. 2. Road to Hana. Picturesque drive along the side of the mountain on the north side. Views all the way there. I think parts of this road may have been washed out recently. But its an experience. Hawaii (Big Island): 1. Erupting volcano at times. Kiluauea has been active. 2. For resort experience the Hilton Waikoloa Village is unique experience. We stayed one night after we stayed in Maui an extra day. The people checking us in could not believe we were there only one night. To get further away from the touristy part of the islands Molokai or Lani are off the beaten path. Have not been to either but those that have love the pace and natural beauty. They have COVID testing requirements. So be aware of that.
  3. Zero to lock, zero to unlock. Lock with a swipe of the door handle - sensor in the handle. Unlock just lift the door handle.
  4. Related to this: Is Michigan now a "basketball school" more than a "football school"? This may deserve its own thread but this seemed correct place for the question.
  5. Here is the current differentiator in the tenures following the Championship season for each coach. Cal got to the F4 (and Championship game) twice after the Championship season. Tubby's squads ended their runs in the Elite eight or worse for 9 straight years. I find it a bit interesting that both coaches won with players on the roster that were not "theirs" as they were on the squad prior to the coaches being named. But Cal has shown he can get to final game with his players and his approach. The feeling around Lexington was that with Tubby the Elite Eight was the plateau and even a F4 was not likely. Cal gets a "benefit" from last years cancellation since most believe Kentucky would have made some sort of run. We will never know. I think its two different eras and two different styles. When Tubby tried to go with a lot of AAs he ended up with "Team Turmoil" if I remember that right.
  6. You can not force anyone to take an experimental "vaccine" (its not really) that is released under an emergency order. The EUAs prevents that action. Assuming the EUAs have teeth and are adhered to.
  7. Bluegrasscard


    Looks like Eastern Kentucky counties are hurting with lots of power outages. Four counties showing around 90%+ without power - Owsley, Elliott, Lawrence and Carter. https://poweroutage.us/area/state/kentucky
  8. You knew that Brady would get MVP. However, in allowing only 3 FGs and 9 points there was a case for the Buc D to be named MVP.
  9. In terms of Cal's X-Os. I have rarely been impressed (sorry @MJAlltheWay24). And using timeouts to stop big runs seems to be something Cal does not like to do. But he did it last night with the score 56-58 in favor of UK. Eight points of a ten point lead were whittled away. So he did call a TO to steady the ship. After that TO: Askew turnover Askew rebound Mintz missed 3 Sarr turnover Sarr foul Maybe they just are not getting it, or playing to their own agendas. But the coach did right coach thing after an opponent run, but the players execution lacked.
  10. Good observation on fouls. That 4th foul was also after he turned it over - with the score tied. Not great senior leadership (the turnover or the ensuing foul). Teams need stout paint defense now. So soft big men are definitely a liability. Here is a question. Given how much the game has become a paint-and-three game, would the twin tower concept be good in today's world?
  11. Sarr's last foul, his fourth, was at 8:53 with the score tied 58-58. After that it seems Tennessee did go inside to see what they could do. A couple of layups and dunks followed. Sarr also had only one block all night. A seven footer should have more than that or they should at least be an intimidation factor. He also had only 5 rebounds (4 defensive). You would like to see a 7 footer getting close to a double in a big game. I see where people are saying Sarr is auditioning for the NBA. Why is that not expected from a senior? But he is actually the most consistent (scoring-wise) of any of the roster. That said - it would seem his role defensively should have been the enforcer. However, that requires leveraging zone to protect him from fouls. And, well....we know about the feeling on zones. My guess maybe that he does not want to play that role and maybe Cal is going along with it as a "player's coach".
  12. Kentucky FT shooting is 100% and accounts for 8 of 14 points. 0-2 3PT 21.4% FG (3-14)
  13. We got to know the Spires some a year or so before they left for Georgia. Great family and great coach. Obviously Bob was able to keep NG at a high level in 7A for a number of years. He took on the challenge at Camden after they moved up from 6A to 7A. Maybe that did not go as well as hoped. But Bob clearly knows how to swim and surf with the sharks in high pressure, high expectation role. And there is little doubt having a thick skin and being able to take the pressure is requirement of the position.
  14. Coming down good in Jessamine County right now. I have been on phone with people in northern New Jersey this morning. Already over 20"s there.
  15. Two pages is maximum for most positions for "seasoned" professionals. Customize or tune to the job at hand. Emphasize the background that is relevant, cut back on that that is not. For old jobs and for ones that are relevant the line "Held other positions as xxxxx, yyyy, zzzz" or "Prior experience in xxxxx industry." Here is what is important - keywords and format. Not for the humans - for the AI screeners. Most larger and medium size companies and search firms will use AI to filter applicants. Years in positions need to be clear. Title needs to be clear. A dedicated section that list skills is ideal. You can see how well the AI bots can read your resume when you use a site where they ask you just upload your resume and it tries to fill all the fields. If it captures 90% of the fields correctly - that is good. If it can not do a good job of translating your resume to the format - not so good. The higher level position - the more important all of this is. While a few hundred dollars may sound like a lot to have a resume done - it may be worthwhile depending on the level of position and how dated your current resume is.
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