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  1. I thought this was going to be a bust this round with the rain. I should have bought that cordless shovel! Thanks for these. It's really outstanding work.
  2. Bluegrasscard

    Power Shovel

    Was looking at this exact model over the weekend. Looks like it maybe worthwhile with the pattern that is set up.
  3. One thing for certain. If the sea recedes out - take to high ground. This is Chile at least a couple of hours ago:
  4. Some photoshop showing if this was where Mt. St. Helens is.
  5. SCOTUS has put a stay on the OSHA "Over 100" mandate - for now. Unfortunately, health-care workers still are subjected to the mandates. Recently, Mayo clinic fired 700 workers who would accept the "vaccine". To this day there is still no FDA-approved product in the marketplace. Thus, the current mandates are still relying on people to take a treatment that is legally still experimental and issued only under an EUA.
  6. Those last 3 words go counter everything we see in the "real world" and not in a lab under controlled environment. I continue to try to figure out how "science" got this mask thing wrong for 70 years and suddenly find its errors in 2020 and 2021.
  7. Something that is little more legal than above: https://www.yahoo.com/news/early-stage-research-suggests-milk-002425317.html The report suggested that combining diphenhydramine — an antihistamine sold as Benadryl that is used for allergy symptoms — and lactoferrin — a protein found in cow and human milk — reduced replication of SARS-CoV-2 by 99% in lab tests on human lung and monkey cells. Tying to personal habits. Wife and I do drink milk daily and she uses Benadryl periodically. I rarely use it.
  8. Not sure if this was captured here. NCAA now recognizes "natural immunity" as "fully vaccinated" in the new guidelines. At least in terms of an infection within last 90 days. https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/general-ncaa-releases-updated-covid-19-guidance-for-winter-sports A person who has had a documented COVID-19 infection in the past 90 days is considered the equivalent of "fully vaccinated."
  9. Mens multi in the morning. B-100 complex around noon (for afternoon alertness) C in the afternoon.
  10. Put some D in that regiment. But as a forum doctor you probably know that. When I and the Mrs. had it last November (2020) it was like the body did not know what to do. I had no fever, she had very mild fever early on but then none. I was down less than a week, her for almost 3 weeks. Since then though, knock on wood, nothing for either of us - COVID or otherwise. She usually has 2 or 3 spats of something per year. But nothing since then. We are hitting the immune system gummies harder and consistently. There are studies that show inverse correlation of COVID fatality and V
  11. There is no real history of increased lethality in previous similar situations. However, if the original was artificial, the follow-on "variants" may have artificial sources. But in nature lethality typically will decrease. BTW, son and DIL now with it. His co-worker had it and he worked from home for a couple of days following, but symptoms showed up on Sunday. Positive test. She showed symptoms overnight. Likely the same result.
  12. Scanning the roster. It looks like only Kentucky kid was Quentin Duffy from Lexington Catholic. Here was highlight of Quentin in a non-traditional position.
  13. @CincySportsFan First, my condolences on family losses. Having loved ones taken by sudden events is always hard. In terms of immediate impact we have been more fortunate. Though, just last week a distant cousin who I had never met passed due to a heart attack - at age 34. I am did not take anything as personal attack. I enjoy the discuss here because I know the people are real and the common interest that brings them to BGP. I am not proposing any specific model. Given the nebulous and conflicting background history of the virus makes any firm direction impossible - at all le
  14. Of the "unvaxxed" are probably largely convalescent protected. Given the spread rate, of which I had first hand experience, its all but impossible to assume everyone has not been exposed at this point. The only people I directly know that have had issues in the last year have been "vaxxed". People can still catch it, spread it and die from it. And to supposedly to have any benefit (supposedly less symptoms) you need regular "boosters". Based on these factors, the "vaxx" can not be considered of value. It is not at all a vaccine when compared to MMR vaccine. Lessening o
  15. If you have not gotten the "vax" by now - you are not going to. Most in category probably already had it. If a 70% "vax" rate is not good enough and the "vaxxed" can still catch it, die from it and spread it. Then this is a silly game at this point. Blaming the "unvaxxed" for the obvious and clear failure of the "vax" while ignoring over 12,000+ direct vax-related deaths is not helping anything at this point.
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