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  1. Why are you posting updates to your own game in the middle of the game?
  2. Congratulations to Coach Morton, who was the Defensive Coordinator last year and on Manual's staff previously.
  3. Playing an ineligible player who may have had two U's is different than playing a player that had been ruled ineligible by KHSAA and attempting to conceal that the player was in the game.
  4. Siegel hires ex-Centennial assistant Michael Copley as football coach I have just heard that he didn't like it here and wanted to coach "better football".
  5. After just one year Copley has left Ballard to return to Tennessee. Who will Ballard go after in an effort to bring some stability to the program?
  6. This is a great hire for GRC. Coach Lucas is a fantastic coach who has a great desire to improve young men's lives. His age is not a factor at all, he is very driven and great players coach. Best of luck to Coach Lucas and GRC!
  7. 3 mins remaining, TD central. 37-6. I am out.
  8. Central scores on 55 yard run by Johnson. Kick fails 30-6
  9. Boyle scores. 24 to 6. Boyle misses 2 pt conversion.
  10. The other kid took them right down the field before half and never came back in.
  11. Tiller fumbles again. Dear lord. Thankfully they recovered.
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