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  1. Well in the saga that is Clark County football they have chosen to go with Dr. Oliver Lucas. Coming back to Lexington area will be good for him, BUT, is this a great hire? The man is almost 70 years old. Will they be looking again in a couple years? Best of luck to all involved, who will be his assistant coaches, any of those on staff now stay on?
  2. That won't change either. Just a different world for them compared to the public schools.
  3. Did a Lafayette player really punch the white hat. What an absolute embarrassing game by both teams. Administration from both schools need to evaluate the class of their programs
  4. When you do it all for your team you are going to be targeted. Very unprofessional by announcer there
  5. It will be a great game. Watching two former Union Raider QBs go at it. Both Davis and Morgan are great friends and knowing that both teams are dynamic at what they do will make for a fun night.
  6. Someone told former head coach Mike Davis still teaches in Grant County?? Dalzell would be a good hire if he wanted it. Tough this late in the game. Really hate this for the kids there.
  7. The way you make it sound something is wrong with his degrees. He has been teaching forever. And if something is wrong what has taken the. 4 years to figure out at Grant. Wow. He is a great guy
  8. Why would Aaron Stepp care about Grant Co. He is at Garrard Co. Maybe you misspoke or misunderstood what was being posted. I have not heard anything about Grant or Siple. Spoke to him just the other day after practice and he seemed to be preparing for next season. I do know that Grant got rid of basketball coach, need to hire a new principal and a new AD.
  9. Suprised that Billy Hicks did not win the 11th. For what he has done with such a young team and zero transfers is amazing 27-4. Starts 3 freshman, a sophomore and a junior, only 1 senior on the team.
  10. Hey Scott County has zero transfers and is 14-1. Just saying they are usually hounded on here for that. Billy doing a pretty good job with homegrown talent. Maybe the kids he gets just want to play for a great program.
  11. It also helps that Gino is at Central Michigan. Both bery good playera BUT Hall is better and Johnny giving hia kid some props that is all
  12. There is no class in the Lafayette program, really none of the Lexington schools. They don't know how to act because they have never been there. It is a shame. The Lafayette coaches are to blame, they are no different than the players. They will find out next week what a champion looks like. Shame, they have a ton of talent. Hate to see bad sportsmanship
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