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  1. C'mon.....Shelby. Quit making everything TC out to be worse than it is. You have no inside info. I've looked over Twitter and see nothing unless one of the Cville Coaches are giving you false info and you're relaying it for them which seems to be your pattern. You're an AD act like it.
  2. So the key to winning it is perception. Schedule weak win games and let the ignorance think you are beating quality opponents. That was my point. The state is so backwards.
  3. So Carson Williams never getting his team out of region is the reason he won it? Makes no sense. People voted the way they voted for numerous reasons. Q will go to Xavier and Carson to NKU. We will see Q on TV and read about Carson in the paper. Hugh difference in the way they are thought of nationally but our states backwards vindictive way of thinking caused what it caused so don't be mad when someone says or comments the way the feel.
  4. How can Taylor County be ranked 30 and have a a strength of schedule of 32. They are 5-3 against your top 25. I guess playing the likes of Caverna and Campbellsville pulls you down doesn't it Shelby?
  5. Do you guys understand what offers really are? Offers are sometimes legit, sometimes they are favors to AAU programs or scouts, and sometimes they are completely made up by players. I am not saying the Ben made anything up I am just saying what they are. No college coach or program is going to come out a publicly and say that an offer is not valid. Also an offer does not mean the school will take a commitment. There is a lot to this game that is played. Also with a new coach he does not have to hold an offer but most will not pull offers they will meet with the player and his family and let him know why the school no longer is a good choice. The game of recruiting is all PR.
  6. I assume the McDonald All-American game nominees are selected by a national panel. The list came out several weeks ago. Goodin was the only one nominated from KY. He was not selected for the game. He is ranked in the Top 100 in the country in all publicated list. This is done by ESPN, rivals, etc scouting the players throughout their AAU and high school careers.
  7. The only player who got a nomination for McDonalds All-American in KY was Quentin Goodin. The team was selected several weeks ago and he was not chosen. So we know for sure Mr Goodin has the only connection and won't be serving fries.
  8. "Staman2; Williams is by far the best player in the state. What he does for his team day in & day out. Goodin is good but slacks off too much not really a team player ethier.. Mason is really good if his team had other people then they would be really good! C'mon man. Not sure how many times you have seen Goodin play but to make a broad statement about him not being a team player is absurd. Kid has scored nearly 2900 points and has 670+ career assist. That also ranks 9th in KY State History. I really doubt any of the others mentioned has that many assist.
  9. I have looked through all the stats and not sure where issue might be. Dunbar game was closest I saw. Team made 18 baskets. Goodin made 4. So there was opportunities to get assist. Stats are so subjective though. I'm sure each statman can see things a little different.
  10. Let's have a serious conversation about what makes a great player. I am not looking to insert any current players names. Just looking for insight on what people think. What makes a player great? 1. He scored a lot of points in his career (2000-3000+) but his team is around or below .500 during his career. 2. He has scored a lot of points in his career (2000-3000+) but his team had one good season. 3. He scored a lot of points in his career (2000-3000+) but his team has always been a winner against good competition. 4. He doesn't score a lot (1000-1500) but he contributes to a winning team that has made multiple trips to sweet 16. He has a winner's attitude. Wins over stats type guy. My main thoughts is that making people around you better may make you a great player. You may not be able to judge a player on stats alone. Let me know your thoughts. (Again no names just conversation)
  11. Owen County beat SLaurel 76-74 Taylor County beat SLaurel 65-58 Does that count for anything? C'mon man. Grasping at straws. By this logic you should rank LCA #1 in the state. They beat Lafayette by 29 who beat Mercer by 18. So LCA got to be better?
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