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  1. I can assure you I am not finished coaching. However I have not looked into any options that direction. Hopefully I will find something that will allow me help grow a program.
  2. They are an awfully good team to beat at home. Should be a good game.
  3. Logan Weedman. One of the top sack guys two years in a row and has multiple D1 offers as a DL did not make the list. He does a good job inside
  4. Cade Crume Center Parker Bates RT Logan Weedman LT Apollo has 3100 rushing yards behind these three class of 21 lineman. The 2 Guards are Sophomores
  5. I can tell you right now, Apollo should not even get a sniff in a poll. We are trying to create a good program here but it is hard for me to see a poll that has us even close. They must have gotten a hold of some Eagle Cool Aid. Limited edition.
  6. They are definitely headed the right direction. A lot of athletes on the field.
  7. 7 Apollo 5 South Warren 3 Henderson 2 Fulton County 1 Webster TB Apollo
  8. 7- Apollo 5- Daviess 3- Hancock 2- Edmonson 1- Marshall TB- Apollo
  9. Thank you. Kids played hard. Big win for this program. Shocked a lot of people.
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