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  1. More than likely, our QB that started the first 4 games will take that spot. He was 3-1, including the 7-6 loss to Scott County. There is no telling if we will be any better, but one year under their belts in our system may help some. We are going to be tested early by Douglass, Mercer and Scott Co in first 3 games over a four week period.
  2. I think they mandate a state wide attendance policy for the games. Districts have been able to make their own decisions about this to this point. I see this as one topic they will address.
  3. I can assure you I am not finished coaching. However I have not looked into any options that direction. Hopefully I will find something that will allow me help grow a program.
  4. They are an awfully good team to beat at home. Should be a good game.
  5. Logan Weedman. One of the top sack guys two years in a row and has multiple D1 offers as a DL did not make the list. He does a good job inside
  6. Cade Crume Center Parker Bates RT Logan Weedman LT Apollo has 3100 rushing yards behind these three class of 21 lineman. The 2 Guards are Sophomores
  7. I can tell you right now, Apollo should not even get a sniff in a poll. We are trying to create a good program here but it is hard for me to see a poll that has us even close. They must have gotten a hold of some Eagle Cool Aid. Limited edition.
  8. They are definitely headed the right direction. A lot of athletes on the field.
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