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  1. Playing really, really bad teams. No one in 6A NKY plays defense.
  2. Does anyone in NKY 6A play defense?
  3. First time I have ever heard Texas, Georgia and Alabama described at progressive states. What if a multiplier was used? What would the effect be? How would it change anything?
  4. Because they have chosen to put themselves at a disadvantage. How about answering some of the questions that have been posed to you. If school system A chooses only to admit students with odd numbered addresses they have put themselves at a disadvantage, should all other schools be expected to follow?
  5. Because they have chosen to hamstring themselves. Maybe Boone County schools should just play for their own little championship.
  6. No, the title of and the gist of the thread is one that has been discussed ad nauseum here. Those of us that don't think there should be separate playoffs for private schools have always maintained that most of the advantages people see the private schools having are a results of limitations that public schools and/or school systems have placed on themselves.
  7. That's a rule they impose on themselves like higher academic standards, drug policies etc.
  8. Exactly what advantages do they have? Aren't any of them outweighed by the large tuition bills you mention?
  9. Are there KHSAA rules that all schools aren't required to follow?
  10. Should the people that are able to do it be penalized if they choose to?
  11. Any rules at any public school that prevents out of county or out of state players are strictly self imposed. They have chosen to restrict themselves. Some schools in KY drug test and kids can be removed from athletic competition for violations. Some schools have more stringent academic eligibility requirements then those mandated by the KHSAA. Would those schools be right to expect all other schools adopt and abide by those same constraints?
  12. Has he ever watched the show before? He was upset that they lied to him? It's Survivor.
  13. Article basically states that allegations of recruiting violations against the boy's team have surfaced as part of the lawsuit brought by the fired girl's coach. LINK The Kentucky High School Athletic Association is investigating the Bowling Green High School boys basketball program for recruiting violations during its 2016-17 state championship season, according to a lawsuit filed by former Bowling Green girls basketball coach LaVonda Johnson. Joe Angolia, communications director for the KHSAA, confirmed Tuesday “there is an ongoing review of the 2016-17 Bowling Green boys basketball team.” According to the lawsuit filed Oct. 2 in Warren Circuit Court, Johnson “provided information to the KHSAA regarding the alleged violations … throughout the 2016-17 school year.”
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