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  1. That was 2 years ago. With a division 1 quarterback. Elite talent makes bad coaches look good.
  2. Cov Cath will put a running clock on highlands this year.
  3. Ryle’s offense is anemic. 5+ dropped snaps and 3 turnovers
  4. Being a weather man isn’t easy. Radar shows rain for a little then clearing. Hopefully it just sticks around for a bit.
  5. Chance of rain is slim to none. Looking forward to a great game!
  6. Ryle has some burners that make make England look slow. Should be a great game.
  7. Should be a great game with two evenly matched teams. Will give Ryle the edge at home.
  8. Who won in the trenches? I thought Boone would have an advantage there
  9. Ryle had what 4-5 turnovers? Can't win any football games like that. Sloppy execution and poor defensive back play seem to be the MO of the Raiders this season.
  10. As you stated Cov is too well coached for that to happen. This is Cov Caths year again barring any major injuries.
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