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  1. I heard Portwood got a lot of looks from Colorado this past year until the end of the season when they went another way. The kid can shoot the lights out, he has some work to do on D though.
  2. Donnie is actually from Harlan Co., so he is out. I believe Jerry has always been from Middlesboro, so you could probably throw him in there. My vote now goes to Paul Napier though. Hard to beat 10 hole in ones in a lifetime, and he may not be done yet. :lol: I could do one for Harlan Co. which would have to include the likes of Donnie and Ronnie Caldwell, Eddie Leisge, Aaron Watkins, and probably the most talented one from up there is Andrew Forrester. This guy had all the talent in the world and still does, he just has some problems on the side he has to deal with. I know I am probably leaving a couple names out from Harlan, but I know those guys can play.
  3. I'd say it was pretty legitimate since Jackson was ruled eligible for next year BEFORE Euton was. If those kids are moving for "family problems", I'd say these kids at SC qualify just fine.
  4. You basically said that. How am I supposed to take what you said?
  5. You can't move from in state and it be okay? Getting pretty tight in the northern part of the state arent they? Are these new guys coming from Cincy? That is a closer move than the kids going to SC are making.
  6. You did insinuate that BCG recruited Law, which throws the whole post out the window.
  7. Not to mention BCG didnt recruit Acie Law if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Ha! They dominate the district and much of the region for years and all of a sudden they are a little ol' single A school. It's getting deep in here boys...
  9. The talk is only for fair/foul/ground rule double homerun calls. That would not be covered.
  10. :thumb: :ylsuper: and I will throw in a :cry: Get over it. Bell had Mboro's number this year and with Leddington at the helm and Powell gone from Mboro, it could be like that for years to come. Get used to it. What are the odds a Middlesboro fan would come on making excuses and blaming it on the umpires?
  11. A lot of AAU stuff falls within the days before the end of school and in the dead period. Coaches cant be on the floor with kids during those times. That is why you dont see a lot of coaches involved in AAU. There are the summer school squads, and a lot of the better teams do participate in that, but I would imagine the burnout many have talked about is a factor there.
  12. Sounded like it was going to be a tough road to go anyway.
  13. It should be a bit of a cake walk, but I'm not in the kids position. There is supposed to be some good high school competition in the Durham, NC area, but I really dont know. We may need the kid though if Jasper leaves and Liggins cant get eligible and he can actually play.
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