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  1. Something needs to be done one way or the other. Maybe this is a great move, maybe its not. But right now every kid that can play at a young age in basketball-rich areas has people trying to latch onto them whether they can play or not. And a lot (not all) of the AAU coaches I have seen around are shady or a little crazy. I think they should have NCAA-sanctioned events like Nike camps or what have you and have a variety of these events. Get a ton of kids at these to get college exposure and have coaches that have to go threw training or have some sort of experience (not let random people coach these teams). At these events coaches can come in and evaluate. Just a thought.
  2. Congratulations. At the time I was very upset about the whole deal. Some Highlands fans (not the majority) gave Bell Co. no chance of even competing in 2004 and were very disrespectful IMO before the game. Then Bell Co. has 2 huge fumbles and otherwise dominated the game, but loses. After that you find out that 1 of their players shouldn't have been playing, it just ticks you off (especially considering he scored both TDs and played amazing). But when it comes down to it I don't like seeing kids having to sit and be ineligible unless its proved they really did something wrong. Looking back on it, I hate that the boy didn't get to play in the state championship game.
  3. Its dissapointing that the KHSAA didn't use common sense and make some more changes. I really believe that the KHSAA were unfair, geography-wise to Middlesboro and Bell County, which is where I'm from. The Dunbar move was a no-brainer.
  4. Why is it that they would not start Friday? I don't understand it, but maybe they have a good reason.
  5. I can't imagine anyone not starting really. If its legal to practice why wouldn't a team practice?
  6. No, Bell and Harlan Co. play in the regular season finale.
  7. Has nothing to do with being good enough or not. It has to do with common sense. Like putting Bell Co. in a Western Ky region. That would be like putting Mason Co. in the 11th region in basketball. It makes no sense.
  8. Good point. I think before really passing judgment about the alignment it will be good to see the final product after the BOC meets.
  9. That is a good point about Thanksgiving Weekend. But here is the thing. If this is geographry-based then it makes absolutely no sense to have Bell Co. going west.
  10. If you mapquest it, it takes 4 hours and 50 minutes from Beechwood to Mayfield. If you mapquest Bell County HS to Paducah Tilghman it is 5 hours and 45 minutes. Thats almost an hour farther to drive.
  11. Yeah the thread should be Lexington only. From what I've seen Clark Co, Madison Central, Scott Co, the Jessamine schools, etc all have great support from their communities. In general a decent amount of people come for inner-city basketball games, but the fans don't really travel at all.
  12. NKY 6A is in the East side of the bracket while WKY 6A is on the West side of the bracket so the 2 won't meet until the finals (as it should be).
  13. Who else in the state will have to drive 6 hours + on a bus to play a game? That should not even be a possible scenerio. Imagine a group of boys playing the most important game of their lives to that point and having to travel 6 hours and then have very few fans because of the travel. Its just not a good situation IMO.
  14. Bell County is considered a "western" team based on the alighnment, which is crazy. Then they have to drive very long distances for regional and possibly semifinal games. Bell County or Paducah Tighlman or Fort Campbell would have to miss school to make a very expensive trip if Bell wins the region and those schools win their region, which is by no means definitly going to happen, but they will both probably be perennial contenders at the least. This is not an issue like in Louisville where teams are arguing over driving 20 miles to a game rather than 10 miles. It is expensive for schools to travel these long distances.
  15. Yeap, Bell Co. has a 1 game winning streak over Highlands.
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