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  1. Did the Angel family move to Fort Thomas?
  2. Campbell superintendent facing domestic violence charge Superintendent Glenn Miller was charged with domestic violence. He posted $2,000 bond.
  3. Probably talking about a different boot. A boot for an injured foot to make people think that's why they're not playing.
  4. Fun game. Ryle really surprised everyone and scared the bejezus out of Notre Dame.
  5. Really poor way for Conner to go out after a fine season. I was terribly disappointed in some of the actions I saw from a player or two for Conner. Disappointing all around for Conner.
  6. True during the regular season and maybe the semis and finals of the region but not the first game when each team usually throws their ace. You're seeing best vs best. I think the first round gives the truest indication.
  7. If you look at what Beechwood actually did this year as far as quality wins it can't be a surprise that they lost to a really good pitcher. Nice team for sure with a couple of really nice players but not a great team.
  8. Is it 11 years or 12 years since CovCath won their last region title?
  9. I know Beechwood has a couple of nice players but maybe people should adjust their expectations.
  10. The people I was sitting with were surprised that Coach Krumpelman did not bunt late in the game a few times. They said he always bunts no matter who is batting.
  11. I figured they were close in age. Was Tony involved in the hiring process? Or was it just the principal and the AD Guidugli?
  12. Did this guy go to school with Tony Bacigalupo? Do they know each other from high school days?
  13. The bigger point is that a wealthy booster maybe even a person involved with a team somewhere in the program made it apparent to many that he would write a check for major dollars if Dave Wirth was fired and if they hired a certain coach to replace him. Did that have an impact?
  14. Are you saying this because of the stories about boosters willing to pay for lights if they got rid of the head coach? I heard one coach had a really big booster dangling a big check over CovCath's head if they hired a particular coach.
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