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  1. Interesting. HC should be really good, along with the other 3 teams in that region. Going to be a battle to get out of that District.
  2. Any notable transfers in NKY? Seems like the last couple of years there have been, but seems pretty quite so far.
  3. Has anyone had Poseidon's out in Florence? I have heard good things, but have not had a chance to get out there.
  4. Survive and advance. I would have more of Hupmann in the game in the 4th quarter. He was a game changer when he was in there.
  5. I see a CCH game plan similar to last years Regional Final where CCH played a box and one on Draud. However, this time it will be Vinson. I think Highlands will struggle with CCH's size. I see a CCH 15 point win.
  6. No, he is just returning to action from suffering the injury. I believe this was his 3rd game back.
  7. He was out with a concussion he suffered in Lex Cath game, I believe.
  8. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear that. I believe he is the X-factor for this team. He was really coming on. I hope for a speedy recovery for the kid!
  9. I know Hupmann did not play in this game, is he out hurt? I tuned in to the internet broadcast and caught the announcers talking about what I believed was an injury to him, but wasn't sure.
  10. Did Hupmann get hurt for CCH, he isn't in the lineup tonight?
  11. I looked at the boxscores posted for the last 3 CCH games and Horn hasn't played more than 7 minutes in any of the games, even with the Murphy kid being out. Is he still not playing JV? If not, I just do not see why, just to try and get him some run.
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