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  1. Trinity runs a very nice offense. Very patient and then they strike once you leave a little opening. As a CCH fan, these kind of games are great for us in the long run and even for next years team since they are so young. I hope they keep scheduling Top 25 teams to play, will only help in the long run.
  2. Rylee with 24 and Ipsaro with 22 for CCH Kalle with 29 for Desales.
  3. Evan Ipsaro and Rylee led the Colonels to the victory. I believe they were 7-8 making free throws down the stretch and each had huge buckets. Most of the Colonels shots went through these two in the 4th quarter.
  4. Calipari is going to have to adjust his recruiting strategy and offensive strategy. Times are changing and Cal is still rolling with his terrible offensive scheme, year after year, barely making any changes. AS a recruit, would you rather go to Bama/Auburn and play in their offense or come to UK and play the boring, non-existent offense we have. Get some shooters first and foremost. Allen is a perfect example of what some shooters can do when they are making shots.
  5. I was wondering if anyone had a good website to assist with putting a resume together? I have searched around and completed several different resumes, then experience all kinds of issues (want you to pay, can't make changes after completed, etc.). Thanks for any help in advance.
  6. For $10 a game or $100 for entire season.
  7. Watching the CCH/Dixie game, CCH is up 20 in 2nd quarter. They are GOOD and loaded with talent.
  8. I actually meant 3rd round and it looks like the loss didn't affect them as much as I thought having the 3rd best RPI. Frederick Douglas having the 9th best RPI is a crime.
  9. Why Cov Cath squib kicked the ball after going up 7 in 4th quarter is beyond me? You have one of the best, if not the best kicker in the state, let him kick it in to the end zone like he did the previous kick. This allowed Lex Cath to start with great field position. The defense CCH played on that last drive was embarrassing. Two blown coverages in a row made things very easy for Lex Cath. Glad to hear there is help on the way for CCH in the secondary. A decent QB will have no issues picking apart the secondary as it was. Giesler looked really good, like the speed he adds in the backfield. He needs to continue getting carries. Tough loss for CCH RPI wise, most likely be traveling now after the 2nd round. Loved the broadcast from Prep Spin, they did a great job!
  10. In the scheme of things, this game was exactly what CCH needed. Don't get me wrong, as a CCH fan, it is nice to have the running clocks, but I think this team needs to face some adversity. With so many new faces, most of which were used to coming in with a running clock, last night had to be an eye opener for them. Dixie played hard and has some very good players that did not back down, even down 21-0, kudos to them. I actually take a lot out of the win last night. Caleb most likely had the worst game he will have this year (at least I hope so), the team had four turnovers, and CCH was able to win with so many new starters. Eddie got exactly what he needed to light a fire under this team. Lets hope this game is similar to the Lex Cath game last year and lights a fire under this team to get better.
  11. Have to give a shout out to Pierce Rohlman of Dixie, kid battled all night and ran the ball hard in the second half. Left with what looked some painful cramps and came back a short time later to keep fighting.
  12. Interesting. HC should be really good, along with the other 3 teams in that region. Going to be a battle to get out of that District.
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