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  1. I have been critical of them, but besides the play Dixie scored on, the CCH special teams was much improved. All in all, good win, but CCH has a lot to work on with the passing game!
  2. Biggest play of the game may have been the spot on LC's 4th down play in the 4th quarter, when they were down 14. They ended up getting the 4th down conversion by what looked like less than a nose of the ball.
  3. Very likely. Cov Cath will struggle with Noon and HHS receivers. Lexington Catholic had several long passes that were wide open, but just a little over thrown. Being unable to have a consistent passing game will make it hard to win shootouts.
  4. I remember in years past they had gone to the soccer team for some help. There has to be someone in a school of 500+ boys to get a kickoff to 10-15 yard line.
  5. Cov Cath has to find someone that can kick off past the 25 yard line. You just can’t let good teams continuously start with such good field position.
  6. Do the Beechwood faithful feel a disconnect with the direction of the football and basketball programs? Is there less of a community feel? Was there ever? Is there animosity from locals about it becoming a commuter school for non Ft. Mitchell residents? Maybe this has always been the case, I really don’t know. This isn’t the way I remember the Tigers fielding teams back in the day, so I wondered how fans feel about it. Or if they even care as long as they win?
  7. How did the JV and Freshman games go today with Elder?
  8. I was disappointed in the play calling on that drive. It was like the Colonels were ok to settle with a 28-6 score and just trying to get the game over with. In other news, you can't have your senior center firing snaps over the QB's head multiple times. That has to get cleaned up and cleaned up fast. Our special teams needs a lot of work. We missed our only extra point and the kicker struggled to get the kickoffs to the twenty yard line. That causes a huge discrepancy in field position.
  9. Or be good at basketball or football and they will find a spot for you!
  10. I never said there was a thing wrong with it, but tell that to the kids that got turned away because they weren’t superior athletes! I know one and they were not very happy about it.
  11. Are they Ft. Mitchell residents or are they paying to attend Beechwood? I am hearing Beechwood has accepted a couple of incoming 8th graders whom are good athletes, but will not be living in Ft. Mitchell and paying tuition?
  12. How did the Colonels look in the 7x7 this morning at Beechwood? Is there still a chance Starks ends up playing football, now that AAU basketball is completed?
  13. It honestly doesn't hurt CCH at all, they seemed to find some very good teams to play, just take a look at the schedule. The last statement is laughable. I guess I am still waiting for my "life" lessons and competitiveness from walking under a banner.
  14. I agree with your last statement. I am not in the know who exactly made the decision, but as an outsider it looks very weak for both of them, as well as the others choosing not to play them. In the end, the kids are the ones that lose out. As a former football player, I am sure those rivalry games were some of the best memories of your life. Unfortunately, the powers that be will be taking those memories away from the kids. You ask the players what they would want to do and I would imagine not a single one of them wouldn't want to play CCH. In the end, the kids lose out and that is sad!
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