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  1. Yeah, your not biased, right! Why would Brannen and his attorney tip their hat and say anything in public? They will get a chance to present their side of the story and win their appeal, then UC will have to pay the buyout. UC has been dropping these stories to try and put pressure on Brannen to settle. As I have said previously, Cunningham has screwed this thing up royally. Will be funny when UC has to open the checkbook because of him. Like I said previously, there are two sides to every story. If your out all night partying, your most likely not going to be in the best shape to make it through a 6AM practice.
  2. And your not a Brannen fan, as evidence by your posts. Again, there are two sides to every story.
  3. There are two sides to every story. One of his former players at NKU, Drew McDonald just came out in support of Brannen. Said he was in contact with players and coaches from UC and nothing they did at UC was different than what they did at NKU. Said if he had it all over to do again, he would go play for Brannen again. https://local12.com/sports/uc-bearcats/former-nku-star-mcdonald-voices-support-for-his-former-coach-brannen-cincinnati-norse-bearcats-college-basketball?fbclid=IwAR2NYUFYXEfArymEgUHM4vPgiBy6BOpYSuJscftBDVkOIJJdbaua_snaWps
  4. It is a shame the higher ups at Beechwood High School didn't make the same decision. Especially when it can be confirmed you have individuals only taking advantage of the extra year for athletic purposes.
  5. What about the kids behind him and the others who are now legitimate seniors and have put in the time, waiting patiently behind these guys that are coming back? It doesn't help those guys out at all. Do you just say screw you to those kids?
  6. Hergott's decision is strictly an athletic decision and not right in many ways. Why should the tax payers of Ft. Mitchell have their tax dollars go to him and any of the others mentioned who are strictly making this decision for athletics. If this decision was based on academics, I get it and all for it. It 100% is not, it is based on not liking his scholarship options and that is not right the tax payers are on the hook to support this decision. He had his 4 years and had a great career, move on!
  7. Pay the man his money he is owed UC and move on. After they pay Brannen, perhaps UC could find a little more money and hire a real psychologist to assist the student athletes, I mean they are the ones making the school millions.
  8. Plantar Fasciitis. I am sure he has already taken steps to try and get the issues addressed, but not sure.
  9. Take your UC blinders off for once. I was replying to a post in this forum where he stated Brannen had no leverage. He obviously has plenty of leverage.
  10. Well because he was lacking in talent, it was hard for him to make up for his offensive and defensive inefficiencies. If the kid was taller, I believe he could have made up for some of those issues. He couldn't create space for his offense and defensively struggled. Had he had a couple additional inches, he may have had a little easier time trying to make up for what he lacked. Kid was put in a bad position by Cal and was never going to live up to the expectations. You could see from his summer workouts with Boston and Clarke he was going to struggle. I just wonder at what point Cal realized Askew was not going to cut it.
  11. Quite false, Brannen has leverage to get what he is deserved, his full buyout amount. Brannen got a raw deal and yes, there are fans who do care about him and the way he was treated. Pay up UC, you screwed the guy, honor the contract.
  12. Lets sit back and see how much playing time the kid next year, it won't be much. If he wants to be a bench warmer, he could have done that at UK. The kid plays hard, just doesn't have the talent for a high D-I team. NKU would have been perfect for his skill set.
  13. It is obvious Cunningham doesn't have the goods he needs to get rid of Brannen and not have to pay the buyout. I believe Brannen is getting a raw deal, plain and simple as that. If UC wants to get rid of Brannen, that is their prerogative. However, they need to honor the contract and pay the full buyout. Do you think Cunningham is blameless in all of this? From my perspective, he seems to be in a little over his head and it has showed with the way he has handled this from the beginning. If I am the president of UC and see my basketball coach is not reporting to the AD, I am going to have some very serious questions for the AD. Your AD needs to be involved and know what is going on with all sports and their coaches. Who knows, perhaps if Brannen is reporting to Cunningham, like he should have been, there may have been a different ending to the story?
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