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  1. Take your UC blinders off for once. I was replying to a post in this forum where he stated Brannen had no leverage. He obviously has plenty of leverage.
  2. Well because he was lacking in talent, it was hard for him to make up for his offensive and defensive inefficiencies. If the kid was taller, I believe he could have made up for some of those issues. He couldn't create space for his offense and defensively struggled. Had he had a couple additional inches, he may have had a little easier time trying to make up for what he lacked. Kid was put in a bad position by Cal and was never going to live up to the expectations. You could see from his summer workouts with Boston and Clarke he was going to struggle. I just wonder at what point Cal realized Askew was not going to cut it.
  3. Quite false, Brannen has leverage to get what he is deserved, his full buyout amount. Brannen got a raw deal and yes, there are fans who do care about him and the way he was treated. Pay up UC, you screwed the guy, honor the contract.
  4. Lets sit back and see how much playing time the kid next year, it won't be much. If he wants to be a bench warmer, he could have done that at UK. The kid plays hard, just doesn't have the talent for a high D-I team. NKU would have been perfect for his skill set.
  5. It is obvious Cunningham doesn't have the goods he needs to get rid of Brannen and not have to pay the buyout. I believe Brannen is getting a raw deal, plain and simple as that. If UC wants to get rid of Brannen, that is their prerogative. However, they need to honor the contract and pay the full buyout. Do you think Cunningham is blameless in all of this? From my perspective, he seems to be in a little over his head and it has showed with the way he has handled this from the beginning. If I am the president of UC and see my basketball coach is not reporting to the AD, I am going to have some very serious questions for the AD. Your AD needs to be involved and know what is going on with all sports and their coaches. Who knows, perhaps if Brannen is reporting to Cunningham, like he should have been, there may have been a different ending to the story?
  6. "UC tried to do what was right" . That is laughable and funny you believe that. When this is all over, we will see how Cunningham botched this whole situation. Now their going to have to pay John and also overpay their next coach. Will be interesting to see who they hire, as any up and coming coach is going to have to be overpaid to come work under Cunningham. All, but I forgot, the coach won't be reporting to Cunningham. 🙂
  7. I am team no one, I think John got a bad deal, all from an AD that was searching for anything to get rid of him and not have to pay the buy out. If UC had plenty of reasons and causes to fire him (as you state), they wouldn't have offered a seven figure buyout? I hope John takes them to the shed, as I would anyone who was treated the way he was. I never once said Fickell would leave because Brannen was fired and I will leave it at that.
  8. Good, I hope John gets every last penny he is owed from UC. The way this whole process has gone down tells you a whole lot about Cunningham. There is no reason the head basketball coach at a major university is not reporting to the athletic director. It is obvious Cunningham did not have a fondness for John and saw an opportunity to get rid of him. Stay strong John, get every last penny you can. Cunningham may want to start looking for a football coach, Fickell will be leaving after this year.
  9. This was taken directly from PFF website in an article written on January 13, 2021. They seem to be rather high on him? Perhaps the Jets believe they can coach even more out of him: 8. CINCINNATI BENGALS One of the most improved units we saw this season from 2019, regardless of team or position, was Cincinnati's secondary. The team saw strong play from returners Jessie Bates III, William Jackson III and Darius Phillips — but also from free agent signings Vonn Bell and Mackensie Alexander. Bell finished in the top 15 in PFF grade down in the box while Alexander ranked among the top 15 defensive backs in the slot. Phillips earned the third-highest forced incompletion rate on the outside (21.6%), and Jackson finished above the 70th percentile in outside coverage grade. Bates was the clear-cut top performer of this group. He led all safeties in the NFL in PFF grade and in interceptions plus pass breakups (15).
  10. I guess we will just sit back and wait to see what happens. It is obvious this AD has nothing on Brannen and is going to be grasping at straws to get rid of him. If he had anything, Brannen would have already been terminated. Hopefully, they look at Cunningham next after this is all over, for being an inept AD.
  11. And I am sure John would admit that was a mistake. Does he have a history of this, no. Most likely frustrated, almost snuck in to the tourney and his team just got run off the floor.
  12. Not that good? Seemed to be rather liked in the CB free agency rankings. Better hope Burrow stays healthy next year because he is the only way they can win them 35-30 games next year. This Bengals D has gotten worse and they were not good last year.
  13. Ha, ha...keep sipping the Bengals Kool-Aid, Mikey likes your kind. The Bengals do a lot of losing, so I think you just hit the nail on the head, it happens to teams who don't win and that is the Bengals. They got a good one in Burrow, hope they don't throw all that talent down the drain like they have with a many of their players.
  14. I don't dispute that at all, hence my point he is not UK material and never would have been. Cal is dependent on the guards that can create for themselves and others (his offense is rather outdated and needs some updating), Askew does neither. He created for the other team with his turnovers and air balls. It was a huge swing and miss when Cal gambled their season on him running the show. Then you throw Boston in next to him and this team had no chance.
  15. Lets circle back in three years and see who was right. I like my chances a lot!
  16. Ok, which means he is 6'1" at most. He got abused all year long and you could see he was not going to cut it from the first game. Not his fault, totally on Cal for putting all his eggs in Askew basket. Just like Quade Green several years ago, he is not a high level D-I guard. I believe a perfect place for him is a school like NKU. He can go to UCLA, with the year they had, the kid will be the 12th man on that team the next 3 years. They are going to be loaded from here on out, Mick can coach and recruit. Calipari has to have a dominant guard for his teams to go anywhere and Askew was never going to be that, hence the reason I am sure he was told or saw the writing on the wall.
  17. UC is a dumpster fire right now! They obviously are grasping at straws to try and find anything to not have to pay Brannen his money. If there was anything there, he would have been fired already. If I am any coach with a promising future, why do I want to come in to a situation with this AD? I will wait, there will be plenty of better opportunities. I was to accept, I would have a phone conversation with Mr. Brannen first.
  18. To me a perfect spot would be a school like NKU, just doesn't have the size for a high level school.
  19. If I am Mills I stay right where I am and wait for the next opportunity. UC is a dumpster fire right now. The AD has no one to blame except himself for the way this has been handled.
  20. Thanks for update. Been wondering how the season has been going, there are no scores posted on KHSAA app.
  21. It seems like every team that wins has that one game in the tourney they win, but it could have gone either way. I think Zags had their game last night and they start to pull away late from Baylor.
  22. What a clown show, this is utterly ridiculous! So does he have to sit his sophomore year in football (played varsity for CCH) and basketball (played varsity for NCC)? If so, is he still eligible to practice?
  23. In the past year, correct. Overall, this has been going on with the Bengals for a long time and is a real problem for them. Unless the Bengals are going to overpay, they are not on equal footing with other teams. Even former players, whom had great careers here, laugh at just how bad this franchise is ran and how they are treated after they retire, compared with other teams they played for (yes, I have had conversation with individuals who this applies to). Not surprising, I believe Mike Brown would take 8-8 every year, as long as he is making lots of money and the pheasants are filling his stands.
  24. Wasn't relevant to my point of him ripping the organization, like many players before him have also. Are there any other organizations out there that get ripped by former players as much as the Bengals do?
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