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  1. They had a Jones, Schosser,Slavey, Mitchell, Abner, Rader and a Bard listed in the paper for SL.
  2. So I am guessing he doesn't play in the freshmen only games? Thanks.
  3. Who is Sanders and why isn't he playing for SL?
  4. According to the paper, HC freshmen beat South Laurel last night. Didn't SL make it to the finals of the 8th grade state tourny last year? How many feeder schools does South have or do they have a middle school?
  5. Good balanced scoring and a great game to watch! We must keep improving each and every day.:thumb:
  6. :thumb:Who has the best frosh team in the mountains? HCHS BLACK BEARS have defeated Pineville, Clay Co, Letcher Central in the last two days by large margins. Seargent, Bond, Massingale, Brewer, Caldwell, Boggs, Miracle, Dozier and at least two more players who I don't know, makes this group very deep with a bunch of potential!:thumb:
  7. You will be more shocked when you learn the reason why! Clay and Harlan were the only two that voted for the best interest regardless of what one might think. It really is sad, but it is time to move on!:isurrender:
  8. It is what it is and I hope it works out for all the kids! However, if it was such a easy and clear choice why did pressure have to be applied from down state to some of the voting members?
  9. How can we find out who the 4 were that voted against this proposal? Would be interested in knowing how the vote was broken down. I disagree with it but I do hope it doesn't turn out to be a I TOLD YOU SO!
  10. :thumb:Second time I have been to your Football Field. Letcher beat us Harlan County boys and advance in the playoffs. both crowds were great and supported their teams. Field is something to see and everything was as good as could be without a win. However, somebody needs to be at the red light to help with the traffic after the games at LCC. It shouldn't take an hour to get out of the parking area. The field doesn't hold nearly enough people for the traffic to be as bad as it is coming off of that mountain. Good luck, next week, against Pulaski County!
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