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  1. 1. UK 2. UK 3. Lou 4. UK 5. Passing 6. Louisville 7. UK 8. UK TB 65
  2. My hopes of just being competitive are once again gone for the year... I guess there's basketball for some, (yawn).
  3. Turn your cell to vibrate and remember to pack the little New Testament in your pocket. Of course both of these can be done no matter how you hunt. Reading a little seems to calm my fears of being elevated.
  4. No Sir. Found a great boat 50 miles from home. 98 Ranger with 175 Rude. Excellent condition, couldn't be happier for the $.
  5. Drove up just South of Cincy a few months ago to look at a Ranger bass boat. Motor had the strangest looking foot I've ever seen and the bottom of the boat looked like a wrecked car. Perhaps that is some dangerous water.
  6. Blah, Blah on missed calls, penalties, etc., that's all I've heard today. That stuff is part of the game. I saw a confident, athletic, and strong KY Football Team last night, with room to improve. Great job from the coaching staff as well. KY will have to be accounted for every game this year instead of being an SEC punching bag. Go Big Blue!
  7. You there Ram? Look forward to meeting you sometime.
  8. Just happy no one has predicted 72-0, like back when Bill Curry "turned The Deuce Loose". No disrespect intended to #2, loved him. Florida by 13.
  9. I went to the game in Helena MT last Fall. His injury early in the game was devastating. Hated to see his last year end that way.
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