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  1. I remember that rant well. About halfway through, his headset slipped off and was hanging below his knees, and he didn't miss a beat! The next play was a run, which was stuffed, and all eleven on defense were there. No one wanted to be the guy who wasn't in on the play.
  2. That's funny stuff there. Of course, you might just be absent around that time too. I can hear the excuse now......"I wasn't able to get on BGP cause I had this big ole batch of crow in the oven to tend to, and I had to baste it every couple minutes. No time to talk smack while fixin dinner. " Im I sure you have a great recipe for it already, but I hear it tastes better when baked over low heat. Set your oven to 350 degrees.:angrybird1:
  3. Wow! A little cranky today? No, I didn't claim that watching more film was what contributed to the players getting better, but the overall preparation and practice for another opponent. Highlands players are fortunate in that their coaches do a phenomenal job preparing them for every game, so naturally, preparing for 15 a season is an advantage. But, I'm sure that point will be lost on you, so we can just agree to disagree, and you can spread your unique blend of cheer elsewhere.
  4. If you look at it from the standpoint of strictly playing experience in games, they may not have any more than their opponents. Game planning and preparation over those 60 games is another facet of the difference. Highlands coaches do a fantastic job preparing the game plan each week, so 60 weeks of preparation is a significant difference.
  5. You have quite the imagination there! Boyd scored over 20 once (25 against Greenup County), and now they are going to come into DCM and drop 31 on Highlands?:thumb:
  6. :thumb: I can can see why a devout football fan like you roots for Elder. They aren't afraid to play Highlands year after year, while some local teams seek lesser competition in the hopes of getting better. I can only assume you are wearing Panther purple right now, chowing down on Price Hill chili!
  7. \Fitting that the last touchdown celebrated with the cannon was Right Counter! One of the O Line's favorites!
  8. The 2007 HHS Freshman football team had the opportunity to play SK twice at their place, and lost both games to a really good football team. Following the second game, which was for the NKY freshman championship that year, Coach Mueller talked to the birds on the field. His first comment was to tell the team what they already knew, that they had lost to a very good freshman football team. Then he said something I will never forget; "you guys are going to have the opportunity to do some great things in the coming years as Highlands football players." And he was right. The players who played all four years got to prepare for and play in 60 football games throughout their career, and were the first class at Highlands to earn 4 state championship rings. I know you were trying to be sarcastic or funny, or maybe even just spiteful, but you couldn't possibly be more wrong in your assessment. Congratulations to SK on the big win. Let's plan to get back together in three and a half years and look at the whole picture.
  9. You'll have to forgive me for being dense, but what does open enrollment have to do with developing your players so you have enough to only play on one side of the ball? I get it that Boone County schools have imposed a structure that restricts players (and students for that matter) from going to their preferred school, but my point was that no matter who the players are that are on your team now and will be until they graduate, you should develop them to be better football players. Develop enough of them between the freshman and senior years and you've got the makings of a team that only plays one way.
  10. You are right as to the bolded part above. A good question to ask next is why Highlands has the athletes to platoon. A lot goes into having the athletes to the level where the high school coaches have the ability to play players only one way, from the structure and rules of the FTJFL to the offseason conditioning, to spring football and so on. Lastly, the coaching staff has to make a commitment to getting to the point where their players only play on one side of the ball, and that can be a daunting challenge if you have a handful of really stud players that you can't envision only playing one way. So, you are right that you can't just throw anyone out there simply because of numbers, but you can put a process in place to develop all the players you have so that you can put more of them on the field knowing that they are capable of doing their job.
  11. You must be laughing a lot, then. BTW - not that you care, or would have noticed the difference, but it is Highlands, with the "s" at the end.
  12. Funny how you seem more than willing to supply plenty of the negative views on a wide range of topics regarding Highlands' program. :popcorn:
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