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  1. Well that was quick!!! Congrats Alyssa Dixon!!! After a couple offers... She will be a Patriot at the University of the Cumberlands...coach super impressed with her summer team play!!! Well earned!
  2. I believe this is the first Bird to commit this year... once she makes it public I'll release her name and school... just a teaser
  3. Nice... I was looking forward to some pompilios this weekend but nooooo
  4. Gotta throw my vote NDAs way. I know virtually nothing about the Pandas this year other than my DD is not a fan. Just a huge fan of Joe as one of the classiest coaches in NKY. I'm sure it's happened but have never seen him blow his cool, although he did get a little wound up when he had a player miss third in the region final a couple years ago. The region finals are a special game, we (the Birds) have had the pleasure of being in the last three and some of my favorite moments to remember came from those games. Best of luck to both teams. Owensboro moonlight BBQ is safe this year with no Fourking crazy, Meatpuppy and myself not being there.
  5. And I was being nice to you at the cage. I didn't even holler out when Walgreens called to let you know your prescription Geritol and rogaine was ready.
  6. Best in the business as a hitting coach. In Lawrenceburg IN and well worth the drive from Alexandria for us. Tough to get in but will be worth the effort!
  7. Best of luck to the Birds...but If that's the bracket, the top would have Conner as the heavy favorite and the bottom is loaded but I get this strange feeling Joe Stephenson's group will figure a way to get through. NDA/Conner final with Conner heading to Owensboro.
  8. Is that the way the bracket is set up?
  9. Cool to see a bunch of my DD's old teammates from EMR and Xplosion summer teams on the list. Travel ball pays off. Nice job ladies! Jade Pinkston. X Maclai Branson E Olivia Jackson X Karys Black. X Note on Karys... filled in as a 10u on our 16u team. Nice job "Junebug" Cori Ladanyi E Shelby Wright X Sarah Tehaar X Kenady Carson E Jayda Collins E Angela Huston X Alexis Tucker X
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