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  1. I enjoyed the movie, but was not familiar with the story or individuals other than the movie and what I knew about Iacocca from the news in the 80's. Tell me about the year they skipped and anything else not accurate in the portrayal.
  2. That score is wrong. Don't know what I was thinking it should be 2-1 Highlands. Can someone correct it. My bad.
  3. After years of NDA dominating, Highlands wins their second consecutive regional title. Congrats Birds.
  4. Maybe we should just take a year off and revisit the list of candidates next year. Dave Matthews Band Pat Benatar Depeche Mode The Doobie Brothers Whitney Houston Judas Priest Kraft Werk MC5 Motorhead Nine Inch Nails The Notorious B.I.G. Rufus featuring Chaka Khan Todd Rundgren Soundgarden T. Rex Thin Lizzy
  5. If you want objectivity and quality perspective, "parents of players" is the place to start :banghead:
  6. I almost never disagree with you Deuce, but I disagree with this. There comes a time for every legendary coach to hang it up. Only problem, sometimes the legendary coach doesn't realize it is time. I don't know if that time has arrived for Beatty, but it comes for everyone at some point.
  7. I felt like it promised more than it delivered. Yes, there were twists (sort of), but no big gut punch. With that said, I did enjoy it.
  8. Willie is still entertaining, but he mostly talks over his songs and doesn't follow the traditional melody line of any of his songs. His guitar looks like someone took a cheese grater to the face of it and abused it. It sounds like it looks. His sister plays piano for him and they look to be about the same age. He plays for about an hour going from one song right into the next and talks very little. Despite everything I have just said, he is still very entertaining because he is an icon and his setlist is good. Most disturbing thing you will see when Willie takes the stage.... his arm hair. Like his signature braids he wears, his arm hairs are long enough that they could be braided as well and when the fans on the stage hit them they sway back and forth. It is almost mesmerizing.... almost. None of this is an issue if you don't look at the screens.
  9. I would say we are agreeing. 5-10,000 is the range I would estimate the crowd Toby is able to attract locally. I am sure there are other areas where he can still draw bigger crowds. As far as BB&T, my understanding is they have a new concert promoter, which is why you have seen an uptick in bookings with Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Old Dominion, and Bob Dylan all either having played dates or scheduled this fall. Nice to see.
  10. I think you are way overestimating Toby Keith's audience.
  11. Chris Stapleton, Willie Nelson, and Sheryl Crow.
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