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  1. Not sure about who played on what days, but did Kurt Vile play any with War on Drugs or Courtney Barnett?
  2. I won't even pretend to know the slightest thing about how NBA GM's decide who is worth the investment, but to the untrained eye, Ray was clearly the best player on the court for the majority of UofL's games. He's tall, lanky, noticeably put on muscle each year, and seems to still have room to get bigger. He needs a more consistent jumper, but I can't blame him for putting his name in the draft.
  3. Like most of America I haven't looked twice at Loyola in my entire life until this March. I think I've heard they have a few transfers, but it seems crazy to me that they are just now having success because their style of play is so beautiful. I guess when you win your first 3 games by 4 combined points, one missed shot would have precluded all of this from taking place.
  4. Agreed completely. I like and respect the heck out of David Padgett, but this year was always going to be super strange. Following a team coached by anyone other than Rick Pitino was always going to be a 180, but I'm really excited for the change. Coach Mack seems 100% more down to earth, and I have enjoyed following him on Twitter for the past few years. Frankly, I'm just pumped to have something to look forward to on the basketball front.
  5. I have no dog in the fight other than a general preference for all of the local schools to be successful. I've thought Mack was the odds on favorite when Pitino eventually retired for a few years now, but until a year ago I didn't see Rick stepping aside any time soon. I say this because I'm curious how long Steele has been next man up, and if the feeling was that Mack would leave for new job sooner rather than later whether UofL or somewhere else. I could be way off, but I seem to remember the NKU job coming down to Brannen vs. Steele. It is interesting to me that Brannen has done such an incredible job at NKU, but Steele is the odds on favorite to take over at XU. I completely get it, and Xavier has an awesome track record of it's last two assistant promotions. I just wonder what broke the tie for NKU, ties to Northern Kentucky specifically? Feelings he might stay longer? Money?
  6. Every year I watch Virginia take the Cards to the woodshed twice and I think it's impossible that they won't make the Final Four. I've promised not to do it this year, but man they are just a finely-tuned well-oiled machine. I know its boring (and I think they get away with fouling with their bodies seemingly every possession), but with their athleticism maxed out, the Hoos play really flawless basketball. As for the Cards, they have conditioned me to expect the worst and enjoy any fleeting success that occurs along the way. I'm hoping for a game in Dayton, but fully prepared for them to miss the tournament.
  7. I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of recruiting, let alone everything that went into Brents' decision, but I was always under the impression that made the decision early in his recruitment to favor schools away from home. It wasn't that Louisville didn't want him, it was that they couldn't get him. I'm curious what happened with Pitt, but from everything I've read it seems like after visiting this past week his camp reached out to Louisville. It seems to me the few hour delay in signing was more of figuring out scholarship numbers as opposed to not actually wanting the young man. As a fan, I was thrilled when he decided to come, and I can't imagine him not seeing the field quite a bit, hopefully early.
  8. It's hard to imagine a university moving on from a guy leading a team to annual winning seasons even if the fan base expects better competition among the top of te conference without having an actual president or athletic director. It's going to be a shame when they sit on their hands and let Brohm go to a better program when they seem to actually have a chance because he's from here. Just spitballing, and I know Bobby Petrino and loyalty aren't usually spoken in the same sentence, but with their time together at UofL and Western, I wonder how Brohm would even feel about the Cards pushing Bobby out to make room for him. Separate thought, but of the many reasons one could have been opposed to the Petrino 2.0 hire, I know I never considered how difficult it has seemed tobe for him to find assistants willing to come here.
  9. This was a tip of the cap game. Virginia hit more than a few incredible shots with hands in their faces. I'm disappointed the Cards lost, but I think I saw more encouraging things than frustrating. I like that they seem to be improving each game. Part of it is assuredly Virginia's style, but the intensity of this game felt like the tournament. Every possession on both sides of the floor seemed more important and seemed to require much more concentration than usual. I hate penciling in two losses each year, but this experience can only help as the season drags on. Here's to hoping they can overcome the hurdle at home in a month.
  10. Goal number 1 = make it to the end. Goal number 2 = gets more votes than the people sitting next to you. If people don't like you, they have the at least respect you, or you don't have a chance. In a game where everybody knows you have to lie at some point to win it doesn't matter if you win every challenge and dictate every vote, Russell has never given people be played with a reason to like him, and very few have respected him. The fact that Natalie won against him head to head shows that he could play every season and never be the last one standing.
  11. I don’t think NBC deserves any credit here for firing ML when the article came out. Let’s not forget this culture shift started with the Weinstein revelations. The reporter who broke that story had to freelance it with the New Yorker when his employer NBC News wouldn’t publish it. This of course after months of investigation and on camera interviews, presumably after Harvey’s goons got to the network.
  12. That area is already enough of a zoo if you're unfortunate enough to get stuck there when a Crossroads service gets out.
  13. I like where your heart is, but I think you’re offbase quite a bit. For one, Ben Shapiro is a provocateur. He is a former editor of Breitbart who’s entire genesis into the public sphere is a result of riling up conservatives to his idea that liberals are indoctrinating our nation. You are the first person I have ever heard refer to him as a levelheaded voice in politics, let alone most people. Umfortunately I don’t have time to get into your broader point right now, but I would love to discuss it when I get a chance. Long story short, we’re obviously right up at the line of discussing politics explicitly, but I don’t think the entire situation is anywhere near as simple as the media is giving the wrong people voices.
  14. I’m well aware but there has never been an issue whether the NFL can discipline. It’s just crazy that the President is trying to direct the league to do so. It’s a subtle distinction, but important. Just because there are consequences doesn’t mean there isn’t a right still there.
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