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  1. Any upcoming power lifting events scheduled for around Kentucky? North Laurel, Raceland, and Boyd County have all had great meets with great numbers of football players in the past. They are usually scheduled in February.
  2. The events I have attended have all had power cleans and bench. Some have dead lift and squat.
  3. Raceland was a great event last year. Raceland as a team was very strong last year across the board. A sophomore from Coal Grove, Ohio was amazing at that event. If he comes back this year, he will be a favorite to win it for sure. Squated low 600s, benched low 400s. Super strong young man.
  4. Any upcoming powerlifting events this spring? I heard Bourbon County might be having one this year.
  5. At the USPA website there are two bench press records. One is for combined bench, squat, and deadlift. One is for bench only. I read the combined number and did not realize there was a bench only number. The bench only number is the higher and true number for the record. 490.5 lbs. sounds more like it.
  6. Evan Richardson broke the USPA KY record with a bench press of 195 kg (429.9 lbs.). National record is 490.5 lbs. for the raw 242 lbs. junior division 18-19. He did not deadlift due to illness.
  7. I go back and forth on that. At first glance 402 sounds light. Then, I think it is a record for 18 and 19 year olds. Also, they have to maintain great form, pause, and press on command. I have been in a lot of gyms and haven't seen many 19 year olds have complete command of 400 on the bench doing pauses. But you are right, it is a national record and should be higher. After October 22 the bench press number will be in the 460 or 470s. If he breaks the deadlift record by a kilo it will be a good day. 700 is a lot of weight to pull with no equipment.
  8. Evan Richardson, University of Cincinnati student (Highlands 2016 graduate), will attempt to break the United States USPA raw bench press and deadlift records at the Ohio Powerlifting Championships in Frankin, Ohio on October 22, 2016. He is competing in the Junior 18-19 age category in the 242 lb. weight division. Current records are: bench 402.25 and deadlift 705.5.
  9. This is what Bravard brings to the table. Get used to these types of blocks from the fullback spot. Holmes High School - Drew Bravard highlights - Hudl
  10. This was the last high school videoed bench press max for Evan Richardson. 505lbs for 1.
  11. NewCath semifinal against Somerset in 1983. Game was played at Newport Stadium. With about 2 minutes left, NewCath had the ball 1st and 5 on the Somerset 5. Somerset was winning 7-6. Three straight runs and the ball was placed on the Somerset 6 inch line. NewCath went for the field goal and we missed it.
  12. IMO there is nothing more exciting than a competitive powerlifting event. The guys show up and start talking to each other and sizing each other up, but it is friendly. They actually get to talk to one another, unlike football. Just a bunch of guys that value strength getting together to challenge themselves. The best is when some guy steps up and puts up a big number that no one expected. NKY needs to resurrect powerlifting events again.
  13. Squat is Evan's weakest event. 585 lbs. He has trouble keeping his heels on the ground when he gets deep. He leg presses 24 45lb. plates on a standard leg press. He falls forward in the squat. A squat shoe may do the trick.
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