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Found 21 results

  1. Feel free to post any pictures that you may have as well. I thought it would be cool to see how many pictures of state rings we could come up with from all of our sports statewide. I took the liberty of running a search here on BGP so I could post any pictures people had posted in various other threads in the past, so if you see a picture you submitted elsewhere posted below, I apologize for any "ripping off"...I just wanted to make sure your ring got its deserved credit. Also, I know in the past there have also been some schools/programs that awarded things to their coaches and players like pendants/patches rather than rings, so if you have a picture of one of those, feel free to post.
  2. Yesterday in church, I saw Coach Phil Morse who was the Defensive Coordinator at Centre College for Coach McDaniel back in the mid 80s. 30 years ago, I was in a Sunday School class with Phil, my dad, and Steele Harmon. I learned alot about Jesus and coaching football. Coach Morse always said there were 4 types of coaches: High (intensity) Positive Low Positive High Negative Low Negative He always said High Positive is best. Low negative is the worst. Of all the coaches I have been around, Chuck Smith(Boyle County) was the most intense & Dale Mueller (Highlands) was the most positive. I don't know anyone that enjoys being around negative people. Kids, athletes, etc. are drawn to positive people. They want to be around them. You can have high standards AND be positive! Black Shoes and White ShoeStrings: High Positive
  3. Coach Eviston obviously has a nice resume. Those close to him speak in the highest way possible. The talk around KY is Covington Catholic offered him too much money to pass up. I suppose the positives could go on and on and on. With all that said, as a Highlands fan are you concerned, worried, or worse that the hiring of Coach Eviston is the beginning of the end of Highlands domination over CovCath? This really is a serious question. In other words, if you are on the CovCath side of the fence you just hit a grand slam, but what is the feeling on Highlands side of the fence? Who can be more objective here? CovCath fans or Highlands fans?
  4. 1. Highlands at 6A Ryle 2. Covington Catholic at 5A #5 Conner 3. Lexington Catholic at 5A #1 Bowling Green 4. Boyle County at 5A Whitley County 5. Russell County vs. 3A Adair County 6. Johnson Central vs. 3A #4 Belfry 7. Ashland -- OPEN 8. Knox Central at 6A Madison Central 9. Collins at 6A Bryan Station 10. Lone Oak vs. 3A Heath
  5. Class 4A 1. Highlands -- OPEN 2. Covington Catholic at LaSalle (OH) 3. Boyle County vs. 2A #6 Danville 4. Lexington Catholic vs. 6A #9 Lafayette 5. Johnson Central vs. 4A Knox Central (at Clay County) 6. Ashland at George Washington (WV) 7. Collins vs. 6A Oldham County 8. Lone Oak at 6A Marshall County 9. Russell County vs. 5A South Laurel 10. Western vs. 6A #4 Male
  6. What are your predictions for the 2012 Freshman Bluebirds? Do they have enough talent to win another freshman title? Who are the players to watch during the 2012 season? Will the NCC rivalry be renewed?
  7. Highlands fights back and moves on to the next round.
  8. Catch all the action tonight live as the Holy Cross Indians (16-11) take on the Highlands Bluebirds (21-10) in the 1st round of the 2016 Girls 9th Region Tournament at the BB&T Arena on the campus of Northern Ky University. Game time is set for 6:30 pm. Click the below link to access live broadcast. Widget
  9. Saw on Twitter: Spencer Dee with a Perfect Game! Great kid and a Great Family! Congratulations, Spencer! :clap:
  10. 1. Highlands vs. Cincinnati Elder (OH) 2. Covington Catholic at Holmes 3. Lexington Catholic vs. Marion County 4. Ashland at #7 Johnson Central 5. Knox Central vs. #8 Russell County 6. Boyle County vs. Mercer County 7. Johnson Central vs. #4 Ashland 8. Russell County at #5 Knox Central 9. Collins vs. Atherton 10. Lone Oak at Madisonville-North Hopkins
  11. 1. Highlands vs. Boyd County 2. Covington Catholic vs. Rowan County (11/3) 3. Lexington Catholic vs. Rockcastle County 4. Boyle County vs. Clay County 5. Russell County vs. Marion County 6. Ashland vs. Holmes 7. Knox Central vs. Mercer County 8. Johnson Central vs. Harrison County 9. Lone Oak vs. Franklin-Simpson 10. Warren East vs. Calloway County
  12. 1. Highlands at Western 2. Covington Catholic vs. 6A Boone County 3. Lexington Catholic at 6A #3 Male 4. Boyle County vs. 5A #2 John Hardin 5. Ashland vs. 3A Russell 6. Lone Oak at 5A #8 Christian County 7. Knox Central vs. Gatlinburg-Pittman (TN) 8. Collins at 6A #6 Eastern 9. Johnson Central -- OPEN 10. Russell County vs. 5A Pulaski County
  13. Class 4A 1. Highlands at Holmes 2. Covington Catholic vs. Harrison County (10/13) 3. Lexington Catholic -- OPEN 4. Ashland at Greenup County 5. Boyle County at Marion County 6. Knox Central at Rockcastle County 7. Johnson Central at Rowan County 8. Russell County at Clay County 9. Collins at Waggener 10. Lone Oak vs. Hopkins Country Central
  14. Evan Richardson, University of Cincinnati student (Highlands 2016 graduate), will attempt to break the United States USPA raw bench press and deadlift records at the Ohio Powerlifting Championships in Frankin, Ohio on October 22, 2016. He is competing in the Junior 18-19 age category in the 242 lb. weight division. Current records are: bench 402.25 and deadlift 705.5.
  15. 1. Highlands vs. 3A Mason County 2. Covington Catholic at 1A #4 Beechwood 3. Lexington Catholic vs. 6A Madison Central 4. Ashland at Ironton, OH 5. Boyle County vs. 6A Dixie Heights 6. Lone Oak vs. 2A Reidland 7. Collins -- OPEN 8. Russell County at 5A North Laurel 9. Knox Central vs. Clinton (TN) 10. Johnson Central vs. Logan (WV)
  16. 1. Highlands at Harrison County 2. Covington Catholic vs. Pendleton County 3. Lexington Catholic vs. #7 Boyle County 4. Ashland vs. Boyd County 5. Lone Oak at Owensboro 6. Knox Central at Clay County 7. Boyle County at #3 Lexington Catholic 8. Russell County vs. Rockcastle County 9. Collins vs. Shelby County 10. Johnson Central vs. Ironton (OH)
  17. 1. Highlands vs. Pendleton County 2. Covington Catholic -- OPEN 3. Lexington Catholic at Taylor County 4. Ashland vs. 3A #4 Belfry 5. Boyle County -- OPEN 6. Knox Central -- OPEN 7. Johnson Central vs. Greenup County 8. Russell County -- OPEN 9. Collins at North Oldham 10. Lone Oak -- OPEN
  18. If you have never won a Bluegrasspreps contest before, this is the contest for you! All you have to do is pick the winner of this week's Highlands vs. Elder (OH) game. If the team you pick wins, you win! If all contests pick the winning team, everyone wins! There is no tiebreaker. Winners get a great prize: Check here for a reference. Again, the game is Highlands vs. Elder (OH). Good luck! The posting deadline is Friday October 19th at 5:00 pm.
  19. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1518868/highlights/314841408/v2 Selected to play in the Best of the Bluegrass game.
  20. ...how many freshman are playing up and are not participating in the tournament for the remaining teams? NKY Jack Kaelin Freshman Regional Tournament Semifinals: 02/14/15 6:00pm St. Henry vs. Highlands 02/14/15 7:30pm New Cath vs. Cov Cath
  21. 1. Highlands vs. #2 Covington Catholic 2. Covington Catholic at #1 Highlands 3. Lexington Catholic at 5A Mercer County 4. Ashland vs. Rowan County 5. Lone Oak vs. Calloway County 6. Boyle County vs. Taylor County 7. Knox Central vs. 5A #8 Harlan County 8. Collins vs. Spencer County 9. Russell County at 5A Letcher County Central 10. Johnson Central at Boyd County
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