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  1. Great kid....He will only get better from here....
  2. Who determines the all tourney team or what is the criteria? There were some other players with some Stellar performances as well. These are well-deserved picks don't get me wrong. I'm just interested in the process itself.
  3. Do these players get some type of certificate for the wall or play in a related game?
  4. Glass did a great job. Changes speeds well....kept folks off balance. PRP squared up on the ball all night. Hitting team...Good luck to PRP.
  5. Same error happened in regional play. E6 to start game scored. Rom 1 ER.
  6. NKY Teams still in the hunt! Congrats SK!:ylsuper:
  7. Risky move putting a D3 (Otterbein commit) pitcher up against a D1 (Marshall Commit). JC's 2nd pitcher is a D2 (KWC Commit). Why would you throw off like that?
  8. Just proof that these kids are worth talking about... Who has a breakdown on Kelley/ Kelly from Johnson Central?
  9. I would have to agree with Clyde. I think that the coaching staff will match up the right pitcher against the right team with a not so narrow lens. Both are unproven in State play. Neither Rom nor Doty has pitched a college inning and both have plenty to prove with the upcoming opportunity. You can't really expect one or the other to go a full seven (although it would be nice). Someone has to be on tap as any pitcher (D1, D2, D3 commit) will be on a short leash. I say that you will see them both unless the Birds jump on Johnson Central early and build a nice cushion.
  10. Cord...looking forward to that match-up. Sounds like some good baseball. However, the big prize is still out there for 2017 and after years of watching baseball in the 9th region there is one thing that you can count on, Baioni has a plan... Good Luck, Birds!
  11. Sherm is a great kid who could play at the next level IMO. Not sure if he is but he would be a great addition to a college level team. Great team player and competitor. Hats off to Sherm.
  12. It doesn't look like blown saves are tracked on Max Preps. However, it sounds like Rom would get 2 wins in as many days unless Dreves gets a W for being the pitcher in the 4th inning of today's game? Is that how it works?
  13. These two teams are going wreak some havoc on Monday. Both are solid fundamentally and will take advantage of mistakes. Should be fun to watch.
  14. St. X shuts down Highlands in 2-1 win - Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV
  15. Rom Doty Kramer Dee closed out final 2 innings
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