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  1. Wish I was there to stand and clap for Drew. What a great high school career. Well done, kid.
  2. This is a bargain in the 4th round. This kid putting on some muscle and throwing from the legs.... could hit a 100. Always said that he looks like he is barely throwing and hitting 90.
  3. lol.... 3.67 innings? You realize that is half the game? I'm a fan of both teams. If Dreves pitches or Cramer pitches 3.67 innnings of that game then Cov Cath is in Lex. You know what Highlands has been for the last 4 years... Doty, Doty, Doty Rom.
  4. This cannot be a theme. Make no mistake about it.... If HHS throws anyone not named Rom in that game, CC is down state right now.
  5. Congrats, Jeff. Hopefully this is Stephenson's job if he wants it. Very good coach.
  6. 1st game... I would expect Casteel v Haddle. Only a guess. No idea in the 2nd game.
  7. I forgot that sarcasm doesn't exist in here unless you use 'lol'. lol
  8. Chalkboard for Beechwood (a 2 seed)? I think so. Game on.
  9. Stallman had very good command today. BW was off balance the entire game. Hats off to the Colonels... going into the 9th they look really good.
  10. Just a question: If Krumps missed 2 games this season (both wins) and his assistants were the coaches.... does Krumps get credit?
  11. Nicholas County will play at home versus the 9th region rep, Beechwood, on Saturday the 28th. The winner advances to Whitaker Park May 5th.
  12. All of Cov Caths talent was on display last night. ..... along with all of Highlands "d1" talent. I would say that Cov Cath has superior talent.
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