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  1. The Camels had the 2 other best teams in the Region in the same bracket as they were. The bottom bracket wasn’t much. Nicholas County’s best pitcher left the game with his shoulder hurting in the 2nd inning. And I’m still trying to figure out why GRC wouldn’t throw Jake Ware. Big Congrats to Campbell County and good luck to them at the State Tourney.
  2. Bishop Brossart is legit and can obviously beat one of your best teams in the region. Don’t count them out so soon
  3. Final from the Hilltop. Nicholas County defends its 38th District Championship
  4. Final from Carlisle. Coach Travis Sims gets his first 20th win season as a head coach. Congrats to him and the Bluejackets.
  5. Nicholas County has nothing to hang their heads about. They got beat today by a good Beechwood team. Nicholas County had some throwing errors that cost them a couple runs but it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game. Beechwood is a class act on the field. Good luck to the Tigers.
  6. Final from the Hilltop. Good district win for the Bluejackets
  7. Or just how good Dontaie Allen is. He put up 43 against Paris. Not only is he a good scorer, he’s an even better teammate. He’s constantly looking to kick the ball out to the wing to one of his teammates. If his teammates are hitting 3’s, Pendleton County will be a tough out for any team in the 10th region.
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