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  1. Switch Scott with Highlands and it looks good.
  2. A video of him snorting something got him kicked off the Missouri team.
  3. He got hurt in the SK game on a return I believe. Fast kid should have a great season.
  4. EKU will be fun to watch.
  5. SK DL JJ Courtney he will be a Sophomore this coming season.
  6. I know Highlands will be will be lucky to win one game the first 6 games.
  7. Here is the last years rosters. They return alot of kids. Will Dylan Couch be the new QB? 2 Jaylin Williams WR, DB Jr. 6-0 175 3 Xavier Abernathy RB, LB Jr. 6-0 228 5 Dylan Couch QB, DB So. 5-11 170 7 Dezmond Barnes WR, DB Fr. 5-8 152 8 Kevin Vickers WR, DB Jr. 5-7 119 9 Billy Pretty WR, DB 8th 5-5 132 11 Christian Current WR, DB Jr. 5-8 142 12 Clay Coleman WR, DB Fr. 5-10 137 14 Corey Lyons WR, DB Jr. 5-10 158 16 Brian Carl WR, LB So. 6-1 170 20 Jake Gerrein WR, LB Jr. 5-11 178 21 Derrick Barnes RB, LB Jr. 6-1 215 22 Evan Lewis WR, DB Fr. 5-11 145
  8. The games I watched Taylor was the starting middle linebacker.
  9. Great group so far from the West plus the kids from Beechwood, Holy Cross, Lloyd and Scott. Who is playing for the East?
  10. Hopefully Jarvis, Bateman and Rabe are also selected.
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