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  1. 1. UK 2. UK 3. Lou 4. UK 5. Passing 6. Louisville 7. UK 8. UK TB 65
  2. My hopes of just being competitive are once again gone for the year... I guess there's basketball for some, (yawn).
  3. Turn your cell to vibrate and remember to pack the little New Testament in your pocket. Of course both of these can be done no matter how you hunt. Reading a little seems to calm my fears of being elevated.
  4. No Sir. Found a great boat 50 miles from home. 98 Ranger with 175 Rude. Excellent condition, couldn't be happier for the $.
  5. Drove up just South of Cincy a few months ago to look at a Ranger bass boat. Motor had the strangest looking foot I've ever seen and the bottom of the boat looked like a wrecked car. Perhaps that is some dangerous water.
  6. Blah, Blah on missed calls, penalties, etc., that's all I've heard today. That stuff is part of the game. I saw a confident, athletic, and strong KY Football Team last night, with room to improve. Great job from the coaching staff as well. KY will have to be accounted for every game this year instead of being an SEC punching bag. Go Big Blue!
  7. You there Ram? Look forward to meeting you sometime.
  8. Just happy no one has predicted 72-0, like back when Bill Curry "turned The Deuce Loose". No disrespect intended to #2, loved him. Florida by 13.
  9. I went to the game in Helena MT last Fall. His injury early in the game was devastating. Hated to see his last year end that way.
  10. The most exciting defensive player I have ever had the pleasure to watch.
  11. I've never had the opportunity to duck hunt and I've been fascinated with it since I was a kid. Maybe someday we'll have a season in SE KY. Ducks seem to be plentiful. Would also love to lay in fields and shoot geese.
  12. Saw what I thought was a solid black coyote on the last eve of rifle season, trotting in my direction and below me. Stopped him at about 50 yards, just was not completely sure he was a coyote. Trotted like one, sized like one and spooked like one about 2 seconds after I voiced him to a stop. Saved the bullet and his life. When in doubt, I don't squeeze. Anyone know of black coyotes?
  13. Mine is blued with wood handle, true Eastwood gun. I'll try uploading a pic tonight. Gotta mow the grass now so I can do it again in 3 days.:irked:
  14. Several years ago, I was bass fishing and trolling close to the bank. I spotted a large copperhead on the bank that was facing the water and in striking position. Suddenly, he strikes in the water and returns with what appeared to be an 8" trout in his mouth. I was amazed at the precision it took to strike into the water and get the fish head first and return with the tail end hanging out of his mouth.
  15. Friend, I honestly don't know the difference in models. I just wanted a hand cannon. A local gun trader had this one and when I saw it, love at first sight! I traded my S&W 9mm and gave some boot, probably a little too much. Even so, I'm happy with my handgun now.
  16. Got it! I'm now the very happy owner of a S&W model 29 44mag revolver with 8 3/8" barrel. Shot 10 shots yesterday and loved it. With some more practice, it will become a part of my deer hunting equipment for those 20 yard and in shots... Now looking for the best way to pack this thing.
  17. Followed the advice of a few and cooked my turkey breast (along with 1 whole onion) in the crock pot for about 24 hours... Excellent guys.
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