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  1. Thanks, glad to be back. Those were the good ole days for sure. :thumb: CCH with a big win over my Birds, they're impressive this year.
  2. The problem for HHS was their jerseys. The H-I-G-H-L-A-N-D-S on the jerseys was so small CCH didn't realize it was Highlands they were playing. :lol2: Seriously, congrats to CCH. What took you so long? J/k Kudos to the Highlands players, played their hearts out. Hope for a quick recovery for all the injured players on both teams.
  3. Bill and Monica, well, you know.....................:banana:
  4. Does CCH have a live internet broadcast? Any live video or radio broadcasts, anywhere? Thanks.
  5. My wife's cousin lives in Carmel. We've been there to visit one time. What I saw was a very upscale neighborhood.
  6. Agreed, it's all cool. PP92 got me on that one. I didn't mean to knock your football team. I got carried away, it's tough being a Highlands fan. We've been called cheaters, recruiters, and so on, well you've seen the posts on here. I'm sorry if anyone took my posts the wrong way. I try not to degrade any ones programs or players on here. I think it's time to move on. I hope Boyle and BG have great , injury free seasons.
  7. I hope it wasn't the guy that gives "the look." :lol2: :lol2:
  8. Your right . :isurrender: Good luck to both of your teams. :thumb:
  9. I was thinking PP92 was a Boyle guy saying Highlands is ducking BG. BOWLING GREEN IS THE BEST HIGH SCHOOL TEAM ON THE PLANET,EVER!!!!! Do you feel better now?
  10. I noticed at least 3 players going both ways for Ensworth but there could have been more. Number 10 (Furby) played tailback and LB for Ensworth and was a key player for the T loss. He was built like the RB for Elder a couple of years ago, about 6'2 and 225? They must have one heck of a conditioning program, didn't see anyone for Ensworth that looked tired at the end of the game. Both T and E gave it all they had , try to find a copy and watch it. Great game.
  11. Bowling Green and Boyle only had 100 years to schedule the Birds. So BG ups the anti and now the Birds duck them, hilarious. BG may or may not be the best team in the state, but it's hard to tell from the lackluster schedule. Boyle wins all those state titles in a row until the Birds come to town, then schedule the Birds only to drop them. Credibility is the key now, and with only two or three WORTHY opponents at the beginning of the season you can understand why people outside BG are skeptical. BG should schedule some GCL South teams in Cincinnati and play some better programs in KY if they want to play the we are the best in state card. When the Birds play Elder at the pit and Trinity plays Colerain, if things work out that both KY teams win those games, it will have a HUGE effect on who is #1 in the state. I can't disagree with BG being #1 right now, but there is a lot of football left to be played. As been posted earlier in this thread, BG will have to rebuild for several years before getting close to this years team. Like it or not, being #1 for one season is nothing compared to the Highlands and Trinity PROGRAMS from over the years. Enjoy it while you can. :popcorn:
  12. Ensworth -425 Trinity 1300-1400 Guess who won? I was pulling for the Rocks. :laugh:
  13. Don't know why we have six classes, we just do. So why do we play football on the field if the team with the most students win? Just give Dunbar the state trophy, I'm pretty sure their the biggest school in the state. :ohbrother:
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