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  1. In a huge battle in the mountains the Jackets dominate the Dragons. The missing ingredient for the burg has been defense in the past. These Jackets led by Dakota Loy, Chris Helton, Jefferson Patrick, and Logan Hamblin are tough as nails.
  2. Best of luck Rams from your adopted Williamsburg "Jacket-Ram"
  3. Hamlin is at receiver so not sure who your info comes from. Jefferson patrick and Chase Lowrie will bear the brunt of the rushing attack. Sizemore will be at QB with hamlin and talented freshman Andrew Griffith backing him up. There are a plethora of very talented recievers at Sizemore's hand, led by all stater Skyler Griffith.
  4. Excitement abounds in the Jacket camp as this fall is anxiously awaited. There are great expectations as the Jackets lost only one starter on offense. Sizemore has a year's experience under his belt and will be even more productive. Logan Hamlin is growing into a beast and will be used in several ways this fall. Jacob Jeffers and Chris Helton will anchor a strong O Line and the running game will be in good hands with Jeffferson Patrick and Chase Lowrie. Skylar Griffith, an all state pick at reciever as a frosh, will anchor a deep receiving core. Coach Herron and his staff do a fantastic job, and have a very talented core. I look to see the Jackets run deep into the playoffs this fall.
  5. Congrats to Freshman Skylar Griffith and Jefferson Patrick of Williamsburg for HM status, and to Jacob Jeffers also an underclassman. Wow what a bright future for the Jackets!
  6. After we lost to Hazard in the region final I told one of the coaches I thought Hazard would win it all. He agreed with me while others laughed. I just felt Hazards defense was very solid and fast and would give anyone trying to run fits. Congrats Bulldogs and I hope we meet again next year! You have become our measuring stick at the Burg.
  7. Have to go with the Bulldogs in this one...38 - 13
  8. Tough loss Friday for the Jackets. Losing Sizemore hurt terribly. A bright spot though was after that adversity the Jackets held Hazard to little if nothing in the second half. There are some things about the game I won't comment on , but I do congratulate Hazard on the win. I look forward to several years to come as the Jackets started 7 freshemen and only one to two seniors on either side of the ball. To those few seniors...thanks for the memories. You are the class that got us back into the region finals, and are the building blocks for future success. You will always be a Jacket and should carry that in your hearts with pride. Let the lessons learned on the field the past 4 years carry you through all the challenges life offers. To the young Jackets...like a burning coal hold fast to how you felt after the game Friday night...let it slowly burn for the next few months until it becomes a raging fire in your heart as you begin next year...Looking for great things to come from you all...work hard in the offseason ...dream big...and make it your task to make your dreams come true...as you go into the future let this one saying be your mantra NEVER SETTLE! JACKET PRIDE!
  9. Friday...prediction time..Geez this one is tough. My heart is with the Jackets, but Hazard is the King until someone knocks them off. Hazrd has been there and done that. Williamsburg wants to emulate Hazard's success. This will be a very tough game for the young Jackets. Hazard is fast and physical...the Burg is the upstart, yeah Cinderella if you will...when the clock hits midnight will Cinderella have the glass slipper? My bold prediction....The Burg pulls it out in overtime 38-36
  10. Jackets...its Friday...all the prep is done, you have a good gameplan in place. No one expects you to win this one, so what else is new? Earn the respect you crave, leave it all on the field...This little town is so very proud of you and your Jacket Pride! NEVER SETTLE!!!
  11. " Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"...Faith is a tremendous thing..it moves mountains..it sustains life in impossible situations...it provides hope and joy...Have Faith Jackets!!! It can be accomplished!
  12. Last nights practice for the Jackets was intense and focused. You worry being so young about peaking to soon, but I don't think thats an issue. The kids are looking forward to the challenge it appears. As for me I'm a nervous wreck...lol Hoping the kids play well and don't get too geeked out. One more day to prepare Jackets...get after it!!!
  13. Last night the monsoons drifted into the Burg and the Jackets had to practice in their indoor facility...lol...otherwise known as Three r Rodeo Arena. That's right folks a covered rodeo arena so graciously provided by Mr. Wayne Perkins. It enabled the Jackets to get in some contact work that would have been impossible in the gym. Dirt was flyin, manure sliding, it was great! Overall a pretty good practice despite the distraction of weather. The Jackets are starting to understand the challenge ahead in Hazard. Hopefully another good night of prep tonight, prob in the indoor facility again!
  14. Jackets had a good Monday practice in prepping for Hazard. Sure its going to be a tough game and the Bulldogs are heavy favorites. On paper this Hazard team should win easily. On paper they are faster oveall, and probably a bit more physical. Paper doesn't play on Friday night though. I would be greatly surprised to see us pull out a "w" against the Bulldogs, but hey, if you're walking around and breathing...you got a shot. Faith and belief have carried me through life's adversities, heart cannot be measured..the test is how you react, and I have faith, win or lose, the Jackets will show up and play their hearts out...will that be enough..who knows...but hey nobody thought we'd be in this position so Jackets man up and go play!!! Jacket Pride!!
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