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Raceland 2012


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Raceland 2012

The Rams will have many returning starters and contributors for 2012 due to a small senior class in 2011 and due to the quality of the younger Rams, known last season as the “Lambs”. The Lambs now have their horns and are ready to use them. Look for the Rams to be competing with Pikeville and Hazard for the right to represent the East in the State Championship this season. The Rams may be below some people radar, but the expectations in Raceland are very high and well warranted if you are familiar with the program.


The Offense:

Raceland returns most of a very effective offense from 2011, they lose two RB’s, but are able to replace them with two carbon copies that saw as much playing time in 2011 as the starters. The Rams also lose one OL and one WR. Both will be replaced with players that saw a lot of playing time in 2011.


At QB, the Rams return Adam Elkins who threw for 1,400 yards as a sophomore and has made great improvements in his game since last season after taking time off from basketball and focusing on football for a full 12 months. Behind Elkins will be a Junior, Daylin Beech who player WR last season due to need but is a true RB with great game speed. With Beech will be Mac Boggs that is a scary sight coming out of the backfield at 6’4” 250 lbs. The OL will return virtually everyone: Doug Abrams at center for his third year, guards will be a pair of Junior returning starters Austin Manis at 6’2” 240, and Nevan Johnson at 6’3” 250, at Tackles you will see All Area player Devin Thomas and Logan Caldwell. the WR will be faster then last year will give coverage guys a big problem: Sophomore tandem Conner Messer and Rodney Vance will prove to be big problems to DB’s. No worries for the Ram Offense, I promise.


The Defense:

Like the offense, the Ram defense will return a lot of starters and major contributors. The defensive line will likely see a rotating group used to wear down opponents. Returning two way starters Nevan Johnson Logan Caldwell will see a lot of time mixed with Austin Manis, senior Brandon Boyles and possible new comer Cole Thomas at 6’5” 300 lbs. The LB corp will return Mac Boggs and Junior Zac Litteral. Added to these two will be Devin Thomas moving from DL to LB. The Defensive Backfield will see speed and hight with Daylin Beech, Rodney Vance and Conner Messer. Joining them will be a INT specialist: Mavrick Dixon.


The Good:

Raceland’s offense will be something that will give opponents problems, they return much experience and a great deal of talent. Raceland’s offense will be possible the most dominating offense in North-Eastern Kentucky and will possible lead several stats in the 1A class.


The Bad:

Raceland’s defense took a bend and not break approach in 2011 and most of the loses from 2011 were due to lack of defensive dominance more then offensive output. The Ram Defense will have to take more pride in their performance and hold teams to 14 points per game to win the big games.


The ugly:

The last several years, the special teams for the Rams has been very scary. Raceland is bad need of a quality kicking and punting game. The Rams normally give the opponents the ball on their 40 each position which puts great strain on the defense and normally puts the Rams deep in their territory when they get a stop and take over possession. Special teams need improvements more then any other aspect of the game.


Players to watch:

Adam Elkins, JR, QB - Adam gained great experience as a sophomore, and some great performances. Look for Elkins to throw for over 2,000 yards as a Junior.


Daylin Beech, JR, RB/DB - Daylin will not win any track meets, but his game speed is superior to most. Beech could easily run for over 1,000 yards in a pass oriented offense.


Nevan Johnson, JR, OL/DL - After starting two ways as a sophomore, Nevan is stronger and faster this year and has dropped some weight. Johnson led the team in pancakes most of the season last year, look for more of the same in 2012.


Austin Manis, JR OL/DL - With Manis and Johnson securing the center of the OL, most coaches would be happy. Manis is a quality lineman with good size and athletic ability. Manis will be another key player in a very strong OL.


Colton Griffith, SR RB/LB - Colton showed a lot of promise as a junior and made some great plays. Griffith will see playing time on both sides of the ball and will continue to be a special special teams player where he excelled last season.


Rodney Vance, So WR/DB - A major contributor as a freshman and will only get better as a sophomore.


Conner Messer, So WR/DB - Another freshman contributor and will hopefully develop both mentally and physically. Messer could be the best athlete in the area.

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Returning Players:

1 Conner Messer WR/DB So

2 Rodney Vance WR/DB So

3 Trey Potter WR/DB So

5 Adam Elkins QB Jr

7 Andrew Salyers RB/DB Jr

11 AJ Joseph WR/DB Jr

12 Zach Litteral RB/LB Jr

13 Maverick Dixon WR/DB So

14 Timmy McComas RB/LB Jr

20 Daylin Beech RB/LD Jr

32 Colton Griffith RB/LB Sr

33 Darrell Christian RB/DB So

34 Kyle Morris RB/LB Sr

35 Brady Harris WR/DB Jr

37 Kyle Moore RB/LB So

40 Mac Boggs RB/LB Jr

51 Alex Risner OL/DL Jr

55 Doug Abrams OL/DL Sr

57 Michael Womack OL/DL Jr

60 Tanner Coffee OL/DL So

62 James Smith OL/DL Jr

63 Austin Manis OL/DL Jr

64 Alex Thomas OL/DL So

65 Nevan Johnson OL/DL Jr

68 Logan Caldwell OL/DL Sr

73 James Wireman OL/DL Jr

74 Blake Preston OL/DL Jr

75 Christian Sargent OL/DL So

77 Lucas Bradley OL/DL So

78 Devin Thomas OL/LB Sr

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Raceland Varsity Schedule

Aug. 3 Meet the Rams 7:30pm

Aug. 11 EKC Grid at East Carter 6:30pm

vs. Fleming County

Aug. 17 at East Carter 7:30pm

Aug. 24 at Ashland 7:30pm

Aug. 31 Pikeville 7:30pm

Sept 7 Greenup County 7:30pm

Sept 14 Porthsmouth East 7:30pm

Sept 21 Lawrence County 7:30pm

Sept 28 Open

Oct. 5 at Nicholas County D 7:30pm

Oct 12 at Fairview D 7:30pm

Oct 19 Paintsville D 7:30pm

Oct 26 at Russell 7:30pm

Nov 2 First Round Playoffs

Nov 9 Second Round Playoffs

Nov 16 Regional Championship

Nov 23 Semi-Finals

Nov 30 State Championship

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Raceland JV Schedule

Aug. 20 East Carter 6pm

Aug. 27 at Boyd County 6pm

Sept 3 Lewis County 12pm

Sept 10 at Greenup County 6pm

Sept 24 at Lawrence County 6pm

Oct 8 Russell 6pm

Oct 15 Fairview 6pm


Raceland Freshman Schedule

Sept 13 at Greenup County 6pm

Sept 20 at Lewis County 6pm

Oct 4 Russell 6pm

Oct 11 Boyd County 6pm

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I went to the last Spring practice and was hapy to see the maturity. The last 2 years we spent too much time babying and coddling players and they played a little scared. I saw older boys that have so much playing time, the game will slow down and we will see a better product on the field. I do not think they will play "cocky" but I do think we will play with the "Ram Pride" swagger that I am accustomed to seeing. I am looking for big things this year. Anything short of a final 4 appearance in the 1A playoffs will be a disappointment to me. JMO

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I am looking for big things this year. Anything short of a final 4 appearance in the 1A playoffs will be a disappointment to me. JMO

Agreed. Simi-Finals or bust in my opinion.


Spring practice was productive in my mind. I was at virtually every practice and I saw some great things from the linemen, and that is what was needed. The linemen looked faster and stronger, and didn't say much, it was more of a workman's approach to me. It made me tingle a little.


Also, Elkins looked much more composed and ready to make a difference. He looked mature and focused.


Beech looked good in the backfield.


Overall, (I hate to say it) it looked like a 2008 practice, not much said, no joking, no laughter, just focused work. Now, that makes me smile.

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The RAMS better learn how to hit and wrap when they tackle or it will be a LONG season. Need to avoid the injury bug as well.

I agree CA. The "Young Rams" are a year older and their is no excuse for playing "young" anymore. Maturity is the key.

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