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  1. Yes well thought out and agree that he was not the same after the hit in question. If he was not hurt then there is a question from that point onward. I would only say that the LCA coaching staff needs to get the benefit of the doubt on this one.
  2. Walton was not good in their opener at Scott. They had some missing personnel from contact tracing and played poorly. Good to see them starting to play better but long road.
  3. Depends is the best answer.All qualified candidates would depend on what "qualified" means to the people looking. If I value them I do but not an apples to apples comparison. Barth is a alumni from the institution that is looking for the job and played on both Duffy and Mueller coached teams(understands history and culture) . He is still in the area and successful at his current job in the area. He has been with the same school for 11 years(loyalty). If those are not some of qualities that they are looking for then no I don't reach out to him(ie looking for an outsider).
  4. I don't know but I agree with your assessment with the proviso that when I am looking to hire someone and I know there is a qualified candidate that has not applied I reach as well. Once again, I do not know if this happened and he declined or what.
  5. I don't know the answer but I wonder if you(Highland search committee, alumni, power brokers) would have reached out to him if you were going to seriously consider him? Did they? I don't have the answer.
  6. I understand what you are saying but he adjusts with the talent he has on hand. I think he would adjust to what Highlands has on hand and if that dictated more passing he would.
  7. No not necessary, but it was funny that people were dismissing Jeff Barth out of hand because his record and credentials were not good enough for Highlands. He is 88-45 in 11 years coaching at the WV. I don't know Coach Lickert and he seems to be a good coach but if you look at how they stack up together it would seem he(Barth) should be a top candidate. Some I have seen on here have outright dismissed him as unqualified for Highlands head coach. It has been mentioned on here that he was not interviewed. Not sure if that was accurate or not.
  8. This is most interesting to say the least. I am continually amazing by people who think should get this job.
  9. It would seem a strange time to make a switch when you are returning to district play in 2021. Brings up a lot questions which you have enumerated.
  10. Yes, he is the only coach left who has beaten WV. I believe that was 2014. They have won the district every year since. I hope that all of the district schools rebound at some point and become competitive again. Carroll County has been the closest with a couple of close games the last couple but backslid in their lopsided playoff loss this year. I am wondering why the change at Trimble County of the head coach? Nothing but crickets on the move. Best of luck to the Raiders.
  11. No advantages for WV to play them till they have to.
  12. Great game and hats off the WC, they battled till the end.
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