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  1. The game the Bearcats played against Cooper was at Cooper's home field actually.
  2. Alot of variables in this game and it will be interesting to see how big a variable the shortened/limited practice season is. WV returns most of the team from last year and I know NCC returns skills players from last year. Should be an interesting game.
  3. Congrats to Walton Verona's own Travis Brauer! Nobody out works him on and off the field. Two way player who played on both sides of the ball well.
  4. I watched the play several times on video and it was the correct call. This post nails it.
  5. Wow, not a player from Walton Verona on the list and they had the district player of the year at QB/DB. They made the regional final largely on his shoulders as well. Travis Brauer should be on this list!
  6. Breathitt is a good football team but not in the level of Somerset and Mayfield. WV never punted and moved the football at will. I don't think Breathitt can stop Somerset and I would be surprised if this is close.
  7. WV needed to play a clean game and they did not. 5 Turnovers and special teams problems all night. Not the "A" game that they needed to win. Breathitt is a good football team but if Somerset is at LCA level or above then I favor Somerset by 3 or 4 scores. No disrespect to them.
  8. Tough to predict the young Bearcats and how they will respond. They have played well at times and at times you can't figure out why they played the way they did. Breathitt is a good football team but if WV plays a complete game they can pull this one out.
  9. NCC better stop the run because LHC is for real. LHC stopping the pass is where they are weakest.
  10. Shades of Glasgow from last year here with most not giving WV a chance. I have seen both teams play and I know one thing, that is WV will be the best team Breathitt has played.
  11. Good win for the Bearcat's in district play. They appear to be getting some much need starters back from injuries. Hopefully in time for the playoffs!
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