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  1. Of course not but shoot closer to 70 percent from the line puts you in the game at the end not having to foul and hope for misses.
  2. Walton was 14-27 from the free throw line and that is your difference in the game. For such a good shooting team they really struggle from the line.
  3. I felt the refs played to much of a factor in this game. Neither team could get into a good rhythm. I believe Smithers finished with 30 but did not record his first bucket until late in the first half. The kid can score from all over the floor as well. I always heard he was a shooter but strong drives as well.
  4. Walton has a lot of young talent that will be fun to watch develop under Hester the next couple years. 23 for Walton was very impressive and composed for a freshman.
  5. Walton never changes they had a great game and all you want to talk about is bad coaching and senior night. As a four year varsity starter in high school I choose to sit on senior night so someone who never gets the chance can start. That’s part of being a good teammate you want everyone to succeed. Selfishness is what this sounds like.
  6. Two years in a row that the championship game was great. This was even better since I follow Cov. Cath. all year. Cvh defense early was great he never allowed Gilbert to get into a rythem. I'm really looking forward to the rest of his years playing.
  7. Yes but he did not even get a touch the last couple possession when I thought he had the hot hand. But it's not just him I would of liked to seen any better shooter taking those shots.
  8. Everybody talking about one call, that did not even effect the game that much. Make some free throws you win period. Why at the end of the game your big is shooting 3's instead of any of the guards, especially Mavous. I have zero problem with how Nick plays he draws contact gets to the line and gets the other team in foul trouble. Smart if you ask me, I love the kids game as an outside observer.
  9. It has not been mentioned yet, because everybody on this thread is to busy knocking Walton instead of talking about the coaching spot. It's like a bunch of teenage girls who just got dumped.
  10. I would like to see Blevins from Copper, hell of a coach.
  11. Best game I have ever seen, plus it was for the state title just tops it. So glad I was there to see it!
  12. Hope one of these days SK can get over the hump known as the Oldham schools, seems like it ends this way for them since they came to the 8th.
  13. I agree my freshman coach rode me so hard at the time I thought I hated him, as I got older and look back I learned the most from him. These days kids don't stick anything out.
  14. What single a schools ever win state championships in basketball it's very rare. They have been to all a state a couple of times. In my believe what Walton's expectation is for basketball is to make regionals, not win them but at least get there. Which should not be that hard in a district with four teams in it. When it comes to coach Trame and his style of coaching I have heard all the same things that kids just don't like to play for him. The thing is these days kids have way more options then the varsity team when it comes to sports, and it sounds like some decided to use them op
  15. It's sad the see Trame retire, but all the post that Walton has never won anything and never will is crazy. It's a decent program for being such a small program. Are the expectations high for basketball sure but all the coaches that take the job know that going in. Everybody is so quick to jump to conclusions on why he is leaving. Kind of crazy to me.
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