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  1. rockmom


    And finally to give perspective, this is looking back up the mountain behind the house.
  2. rockmom


    Technically I think it’s Launiupoko, I think it’s called.
  3. rockmom


    The first pic is a view from the lanai. The second is the inside of Maria Lanakila Catholic Church right in Lahaina. It had no AC but was still tolerable even though ocean. The breezes help so much.
  4. rockmom


    They don’t live at the beach level. They live in the foothills. The temps there vary significantly based on the altitude. There was a drought there at the time I was visiting and it was record heat. Even so, We only needed the AC in the late afternoon.
  5. rockmom


    I have a friend who lives on Maui. Virtually every single thing you buy in the islands has to be shipped there, which is why everything is so expensive. On the flip side, her energy costs are virtually nil. I’m going back in October and I can’t wait! I love Maui. Oahu was beautiful as well, but I found Maui to be less overtly touristy and just really enjoyed the island-time way.
  6. Edward Norton is amazing. Not that Tom Hanks isn’t. I love him too. I don’t enjoy Denzel. I feel like he’s Denzel in every character.
  7. Refuse: Nicholas Cage - creepy creeper Don’t miss: Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken
  8. One must also realize that the health care workers have lives outside of work and families. They are like the rest of us. There’s no way to directly correlate that masks don’t work because people who wear masks get the virus. At some point, every single person is maskless in the presence of another person, most likely family. Many arguments against masks (in particular) are incomplete because they don’t consider the full reality of daily life.
  9. Depending on my mood: There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING more divine than hot, homemade biscuits drenched with clover honey. Or There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BETTER than a hot, homemade biscuit with a thick, salty slice of country ham.
  10. I have Levi (for a while longer at least) and Buddy. Lilly passed away last November. It's really hard to get a good photo of Buddy. Levi is probably not long with us. He's 17, and now suffering from really bad hip and joint problems, has a Grade IV murmur and still battling DLE. Love that gentle soul. He's a battler!
  11. Praying for you Goldie and I keep you in my thoughts every day. Love you dearly as a BGP sister.
  12. I got the most adorable coffee mug and wall calendar with my granddaughters photos on each. From the never-thought-about-having file, a Himilayan salt lamp that looks pretty cool, although I have no real idea what it’s supposed to do. 2 bottles of wine A teapot since I’ve gotten into tea over the last year. Time with family. Very much treasured
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