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  1. Depending on my mood: There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING more divine than hot, homemade biscuits drenched with clover honey. Or There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BETTER than a hot, homemade biscuit with a thick, salty slice of country ham.
  2. I have Levi (for a while longer at least) and Buddy. Lilly passed away last November. It's really hard to get a good photo of Buddy. Levi is probably not long with us. He's 17, and now suffering from really bad hip and joint problems, has a Grade IV murmur and still battling DLE. Love that gentle soul. He's a battler!
  3. Praying for you Goldie and I keep you in my thoughts every day. Love you dearly as a BGP sister.
  4. I got the most adorable coffee mug and wall calendar with my granddaughters photos on each. From the never-thought-about-having file, a Himilayan salt lamp that looks pretty cool, although I have no real idea what it’s supposed to do. 2 bottles of wine A teapot since I’ve gotten into tea over the last year. Time with family. Very much treasured
  5. Prayers for you, your family and your surgical team, UKMF.
  6. I am an oil and vinegar type person. My favorite is balsamic and olive oil. My 1a favorite is red wine vinegar and olive oil. But a Greek vinigarette or a miso is right up there too
  7. One of the best movies I’ve seen in years. He and Frances McDormand delivered great performances and made a dark movie filled with humanity. Really, really great all around.
  8. I don't have ESPNU so any details that can be shared would be super.
  9. Thanks G. Not sure if I am or not. On one side of me are some crazies I can't do anything about. So hoping for awesome to buy the house on the other side of me. Speaking of crazies...I suspect drug activity, blatant drug activity, at that house. I see cars stopping in the alley and things exchanging hands. I found a needle iny yard,which is surrounded by a 6' privacy fence that is always locked. And I saw a car parked in my drive the other day and people coming and going to and from it. I called the police, but since I scared the people off by setting off my car alarm, I figured it made no sense for them to come out. So, I have to wait till something happens and then they told me I can call. I wish that house would get sold
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