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  1. 21-7 "'Out of reach" according to Dickie
  2. Care to make that bolded comment clear? Because the way I read it is Russell beats Ashland every year. If you mean that the Ashland/Russell game is usually a close contest that could go either way, well I agree. Other wise your way off base.
  3. Congrats to Coach Ross and Rose Hill on the hire. There is no doubt that Bill Tom's resume' is hard to touch in this area and good luck to him and Rose Hill. But this is not basketball with 5 players playing both ways and a couple more of the bench to complete the team. Rose Hill and Coach Ross must find a way to keep "their" kids at Rose Hill. Call me a "Debbie Downer" if you wish, but football squads are usually better if they are senior dominated and I'm not quite sure if Rose Hill can or will produce the numbers needed at the higher grade levels. I honestly hope that I'm wrong. Rose Hill has the man in place that could make it happen. Maybe Coach has one more trick up his sleeve...Good Luck!!
  4. I believe that Matt has been recruited by EKU as a defensive back.
  5. Sorry to hear about the loss to the Raceland community. I'm sure that Mr. Rose will live on through the people he has touched. God bless the Rose and Ram families.
  6. Looks like Coach Everage has had at least 2 very good mentors in Letton and Cobb. Good luck to Paris in 2008.
  7. While I was at Marshall (1991-1993) I knew one of these coaches and my team played against the other. Rich Rod at Glennville State (WV) and Youngstown State (OH). OH my how times have changed. IMO I hope that Michigan sweeps the Big 10 only to be beat by his old team WVU in the National Championship. Don't laugh it could happen............
  8. Your are right, but what is an AD??? If you get right down to it an AD is the Principal's "Designated Representative". AD's are not adminstrors unless part of their job title in EDUCATION makes them that.
  9. I really don't think that there would be a policy in place at any public school that wouldn't allow an employee of that school to apply for a job that is open:confused: To be honest that would be agianst the law as I know it. The Site Based would have to agree to the hire and I don't think that there would be any reason Mr. Sparks couldn't keep his job a AD if the Site Based and Principal wanted it to be so. By the way remember Athletic Directors and Coaches do NOT have to certified teachers, although I'm pretty sure Mr. Sparks is certified:fire:Again good luck in finding a roundball coach Russell. I'm still voting on Merle:thumb:
  10. Maybe a little split back veer option??? I know that Jim Matney loves the 2nd back out of the full house, but I wouldn't count the option out espiecally if the QB is a quality runner too.
  11. Merle Kidwell is a guy in the system that would make a very good fit into the Boys program at Russell. IMO its almost a no brainer, if Coach Kidwell wants the job?
  12. 65-60 after a Jackson 3 pointer......Fraley subs out with seconds left....
  13. Why?? Its not like Elliott is blowing Rose hill out:confused:
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